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    Author Topic: sexy yaya - Swansea  (Read 552 times)

    Offline Teddypugh


    Sorry can't post a link from my shifty phone, but she's easy to find on AS

    Any Intel? Photos look good, not sure if they're stock pics or the real deal


    Offline Corus Boy

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    I don't think it is the Yaya from Cardiff, who gives a great service.

    So can not help.

    Offline HughJardon

    It says her names Leeya on Vstreet

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    For anyone that's interested she won't be making an appearance in Cardiff etc  :(

    Offline crash

    she's almost certainly related in some way to the other Thai woman that was/is in Swansea on and off (sara 26) [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    photos are actually quite similar, how and where they are set and the clothes

    Offline wonky

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