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Author Topic: Ella Rose 2014 , Hull  (Read 829 times)

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I have been caught out a few times of late with bad comms, the lack of communication or even actually check there in boxes has left me puntless quite a few times. I was at a lose end the other day and decided to try someone I have had on my hit list for over a year. Upto now she has not had the green light or the phone number up when I have been on the prowl. This day was different so I rang the number if she was available from say 14:30 and she was, I was miles away across the county at least thirty minutes away and all clean and ready apart from the distance. Put my foot down towards her place on the top end of Anlaby rd,Hull and was soon parking up in a secure quiet street, ringing for the final directions. Entrance round the back, suprise suprise ,such a favourite of working girls lol.
I was soon inside and greeted by Ella in a underwear set and high heels and shown to a dimply lit room with music and a double bed all nicely clean and tidy. I duly paid my dues of £60 for the thirty minutes and she asked me if I wanted a drink or shower I told her neither thanks.

She then went to stash the cash in the time honoured fashion and was back just as I was removing the last vestiges of my clothing. She soon stripped right off to reveal a nice shapely body, the pictures are very accurate and she has a nice bonny face to match. She is not skinny by any means and not fat but well rounded with nice curves and a very well tuned arse. Has long long dark brown hair longer then shoulder length and looks very sexy when she smiles with her hair just over her face. She launched her very nice lips over mine and was soon burying her tongue deep inside whilst I was gently having a shufty round the important bits, very good GFE all round. Nice breasts well formed and sensitive to both touch and tongue, she was responding with some very nice sounds. I was soon slipping my fingers into her very wet pussy, dripping wet .........

Well I was gently caressing them and she really was moaning a lot, ( I suspect she knew what she was doing as I know I am good but not that good that quickly lol) I tried slipping two fingers in then three and finally four all very easily. She was kissing and squeezing all the time and then grabbed the root of my problem and began stroking it. Within a couple of minutes the rubber was on and she was getting it big time from the rear, after five minutes I needed to let it rest and we returned to a bit of RO after a short chat, then she went into a sixty nine always a favourite of mine and she went wild, very good in that department very keen to please and she came alright, fanny juice everywhere.

She climbed off and we finished off on the blow job I had asked her for with a condom on, which is ok no feelings problems for me and its in her list. Very good motion and use of mouth in the blow job, went in deep and all the time sroking my balls and arse. I soon shot the lot and I just laid there wallowing in the after glow of a good time. It was close to time and we cleaned up took a while as I had her eye brow marker all over my face, pussy juice and thankfully she was only wearing a light perfume which the wet ones took off fairly sharpish. I was soon off on my way back to the car and home for tea and scones.

An very enjoyable thirty minutes, a nice chatty girl who knows when not to over do the talking and is attentive to the clients needs. On the plus side good comms and a pleasure to deal with, her body is superb will take a bit of pounding without excess flab. She used to be a lap dancer and next time I will have one of those with the added ability of touching  :sarcastic:     

1 review(s) found for Ella rose 2014 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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Cheers for the review fella but for a young lass, she has some rather saggy boobs.

Offline Sunj86

Christ,  have you seen the state of those tits?
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