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Author Topic: Looking for a punt Edinburgh  (Read 1293 times)

Offline Foxx09

Looking for a punt in Edinburgh near the Cameron toll center , not from around here so if anyone could give me an idea if there are any girls nearby that I can get in touch with

You would be better heading into the city centre. 5 minutes in a cab or 10 on a bus.

Offline Foxx09

It would be on my lunch so probably wouldn't have the time , there's a girl that advertises a massage near Cameron toll with hand relief I've given her an email to see what the deal is

Good luck. I don't know anyone around there but be sure to report back!

Offline Foxx09

She emailed back saying its 40 for oily massage and hr , emailed her for some pics should be getting a face pic tomorrow at some point

Offline pete-piper

Scottish Barbie or whatever you call her these days used to work not far from there.
Not sure if she still does.

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