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Author Topic: Georgiana6969-Aberdeen  (Read 481 times)

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Offline Cd06


Hope the link works through iPhone.
Anyway, took a chance about 4 weeks ago as Aberdeen in it's usual dire state and needed something short notice. Attracted by the unique selling point of anal and "all inclusive, no extras"
Fell for it big time!
Comms were good. I always clarify services over text beforehand, and good job I did on this occasion. Arrived, flat just off Union street. Hard to say if girl in pictures, I'd say they were airbrushed or done on a very good day! But she was as I expected to be honest. Not bad but not great. Paid up and took quick shower.
Got undressed and lay on bed. Went to kiss her and she turned away, tried again, same result. She then goes to try and put a condom on me. Told her that her profile states French kissing. Suddenly she doesn't understand me but tells me it's extra. Had to get up and get my phone and show her 'our' text exchange. She looks pissed off so I tell her to get my money and I'll go. She relents and says its ok. It gets weird because she then gets really good, passionate kissing and makes a lot of effort.
After a while she asks if I want to fuck her. I tell her anal as agreed. Suddenly she doesn't understand me again and off I go to get my phone again. Showed her and she looks pissed off again. She then shows me her phone, of a conversation in what I assume is Romanian, and shows me the time on the phone and says time is up. It's now apparent I hadn't been talking to her via text. I then proceed to point out I still have ten minutes left. She looks pissed off but relents. By now, I'm barely hard and had to redo the shitty job of putting on the Jonny.
Me now being extremely pissed off and barely hard, I go into her arse dry, having to thumb my softie in. Pound away for a couple of minutes just about getting hard. Shoot my load. On with the clothes and out the door.

After dodging Romanians for so long, this experience made me realise why! Absolute joke, but no one to blame but myself. Anyway, avoid at all costs, profile full of crap and laughable!

Not so good to hear. We need some new local talent up here or someone with a good service.
Must admit i have thought about those to but never got round to it, never will now.

Offline godwulf7

Well done for TOFTT, but shame you got the shitty end of the stick.  It might have been safer to chance your luck with her partner Alessia, who at least has some feedback, though some of it looks a bit suspect.  It sort of suggests they are both being pimped, I guess....

thanks for taking the time to put up a review as a warning to others

I have to say, I'm surprised you selected this profile, to me has all the red flags - no feedback, poor English, everything ticked on likes list, overpromising on profile
I rarely get past the first page on the search results and haven't seen a girl with no feedback for years
yes AW feedback can be fake, but if the client leaving feedback has plenty of feedback from various girls, hes probably genuine and his feedback is genuine
I would encourage you to leave feedback on AW as well

Offline Cd06

Cheers gents. Been punting a while now and don't usually 'take the plunge' on profiles like that. The utter shame I felt afterwards that I was a sucker haha.
Theres currently only one girl up here consistently that I would recommend, and that's ruby on viva street. In fact I will leave a general review. Vanilla services, gfe but very well done and good looking girl

Offline Cd06

Sorry, allow me to clarify as to my horror just checked viva street and there's a foreign girl called ruby on there. This is not her. Ruby's headline name is Scottish classy girl. The name ruby appears on her profile

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