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Author Topic: *Donna* - Aldgate  (Read 563 times)

2 review(s) for *Donna* (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline diamond_dawg


Saw Donna yesterday for an hour  in Aldgate based on the review:


Pictures are accurate. She is a very good looking girl, hot body with nice enhanced breasts (which I normally don't like).

While waiting for her to send me her full address, I noticed someone coming out of her flat, which I am guessing was another punter. Was in 2 minds about whether to stay or leave but decided to stay,

Opened the door wearing bra and knickers. Started with fk (not deep). She removed her clothes and moved on to the bed. We continued fk and I tried fingering her but she does not allow this, only stroking her pussy. She started owo and after a few minutes wanted to put the mac on. I told her I was not ready and that I wanted more owo. After about 2 minutes she stopped, looked at her watch and looked annoyed and said something on her native tongue, which I am guessing from the tone was not complimentary. I asked what's wrong. She indicated her mouth was tired with hand gestures from sucking cock all day. There is nothing like that to kill a mood and I was still soft.

I told her to help me relax. We engaged in fk while she gently stroked my member. Eventually I got hard and I told her to put the mac on. We then did it cowgirl and mish. She did relax somewhat after we started having sex, She gave me the heads up that I had 10 minutes left. She then rode me cowgirl really hard until I came in the mac. She took off the mac and checked her phone. It was quite clear that she wanted me to leave as she had another punter waiting. With only 10 minutes left I saw no reason to stick around, thanked her and left.

Clearly she is seeing punters back to back and is tired, jaded and irritable as a result. I tried to see her the previous but she said she had clients at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30. She said she was going back to Kings Cross in a couple of days.

Although she was hot, when I see a girl I expect her to be pleasant, even if it is an illusion and don't expect attitude. Surely this is the minimum to expect. The poorness of her service was magnified by my most recent punt:


I had gone to see her and thought that if she was good I would sample a-level (she mentioned at the beginning of the punt that extras were available). Glad I didn't give her the money upfront for this.

Would I see her again or recommend her? No
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2 review(s) found for *Donna* linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Expl1cit

It was possibly me coming out of the flat haha - although there are 4 flats leading to that main front door, and I left early from the booking so perhaps that part was just your imagination or maybe another punter?  Good on you for making it up 4 double flights of stairs though - I almost gave up on the second flight, I tweaked a muscle or two playing 5 aside footy the day before but I got there eventually.

I probably put her in a bad mood - a complete mix up on my part and I left early which may have contributed to your bad punt, so apologies for that.  It wasn't really a proper punt for me, but if I would have done a review, it would have been positive  :unknown:

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Offline diamond_dawg

Doubt it was you but thanks for the explanation  none the less.. The guy before me left no more than 2 minutes before I went up on the hour. If it had been you there would have been a larger time gap. Having said that he looked quite chipper so he may have had a better experience than me. And you're right about the stairs. 4 flights!

Having said that these girls need to remember that they are not doing the punter a favour but are being paid for their time and services. I can accept that service levels can vary and are subjective but as a minimum I expect a degree of friendliness (even if it is an act) and professional behaviour. If she was tired or not in the mood she should have cancelled. I prefer this to an unsatisfactory service for which i've paid.

When you consider the customer service from girls like Naughty Natt or Maggie21 for only slightly more money, it makes Donna's service unacceptable to me.
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Offline Expl1cit

I cringe when I read fluffy cunts jumping to the defense of their favoured WG's when someone posts a neg - so i'll start by saying from what you describe, your neg is fully justified  :hi:

I feel a bit sorry for her though. I'm not sure how "they" operate, but seem to move around a lot, 2 days here, then 2 days somewhere else.  Despite this, I took a lot of positives away from my experience.  Accurate pics, polite and friendly girl, Great OWO including balls, enthusiastic in Mish and very vigorous in CG, responsive to RO and willing to please. 

If she had a more permenant base to work from, I think it would reflect positively in her services, but I still feel partially responsible for her bad mood - I've PM'd you details  :blush:
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Sorry to hear OP - quite the opposite of my experience... b2b bookings are shit tho

The 'curse' of a good review? When I saw her last week, she let me up 15mins early & let me stay for a cigarette n chat after time...

Clearly not managing more interest well. A shame as she is very good looking, as you say...

"Available Monday to Sunday 11am to 1am" according to her profile,no wonder she is cream crackered!

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