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Author Topic: Sophisticated Paris - Aberdeen  (Read 958 times)

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I saw Paris was back in Aberdeen and previous opinion was positive, so I emailed her.
Communication was via Aw then txt. No issues, her English is good.
Her incall is a short walk from castlegate. Not posh but safe and clean. Parking could be an issue.
£70 for 30 min.

I would say shes probably early 30s, not 29. I would guess shes 5'8" or 5'9"
It definitely her in the pics, although I suspect the images have been subtly touched up to make her flesh look firmer.
B-cup (guessing) naturals, a tuft of hair downstairs, well groomed and clean.
Shes very chatty and seemed genuine. No smokey breath.
I was offered a shower and a drink for those who care about these things.

She has french kissing on her likes list, but doesn't kiss properly, sort of turns sideways.
When we got on the bed I got stuck into those nipples, very sensitive
her blow job was a bit amateur but she took direction well and seemed to enjoy giving pleasure
she got into receiving oral, telling me how she liked it, fun
condom on we fucked missionary, pulling her long legs back so I could get deeper. she came, was into it.
Doggy for a while and back to mish. She didn't seem keen on going on top.  Didn't ask about CIM
a good chat once we got our breath back, no rush to get me out as time ran out, but then I was getting ready anyway.

Overall, a good punt but not exceptional. I wished she would kiss properly. I would return.

2 review(s) found for Sophisticated Paris linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline godwulf7

Thanks for the review.  Good to learn that she is a straightforward girl, with nothing obvious detracting from the nice girl image.  I was looking to see her before she leaves.  Your judgement on her being older is right(no big shock there, eh?  A WG playing down her age?!), as her Italian ID from her verification photo seems to show 1979 as her year of birth, but it's a bit blurry.  She seems to have scrubbed up well for the photographer though!

Offline bushman

Seems like her profile has swapped hands. New girl offers bareback. :thumbsdown:

Offline JJM

Fucking hated her page, kept reappearing superstar is back, last time in Aberdeen blah blah....you played that line the last time and the time before that

Offline bushman

Fucking hated her page, kept reappearing superstar is back, last time in Aberdeen blah blah....you played that line the last time and the time before that
Was this comment adressed to me?

Offline JJM

Was this comment adressed to me?

Not unless you are Sophisticated Paris or Sergie the admin

Offline bushman

No problem,JJM. You obviously know the girl. Its just the way you addressed your comment which refered to "...you played that line..." which I found interesting.

Offline JJM

No I don't know the girl, just seen her stupid page riddled with bullshit.

You played that line....as in if was talking to her in relation to her page

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