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Author Topic: lisa compton wolverhampton  (Read 1049 times)

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Offline vision2014


Went to lisa yesterday  she is / was my favorite  at compton i have always had good things to say about her and recommended her to anyone
i have seen lisa at least 6 times now and we always picked up on conversation we left off from the last visit until yesterday
When i walked in she was just coming away from the desk and picking a bag up she looked at me like she had never met me before i asked if she could fit me in and she started mumbling and said how long i said my usual 4o mins i went into the room and got myself ready lying there thinking whats wrong with her 10 mins had passed and still no lisa i got back up and opened the door slightly just to see if i could her or see her then i could her someone come up stairs and there she pops i jumped back on the bed and waited another 5 mins  before she came in  i tried to talking to her but i got a  yes / no  back which was out of character for her then i noticed the massage was getting very hard rough  i had to tell her 3 times to stop being so rough  by this time i could see she was not in a good mood today and was getting a little pissed off myself .

She then flipped me over for the HE which she did not even ask if i wanted or tell me how much like she always does her HE was awful she was basically strangling my dick at one point i had to move her hand away she then commented on the time which was a first for her when i had finished she left room and said see out side another shock to me has usually she we give yo a little tickle or head massage at the end and stay while your getting dressed

Overall i feel very dissapointed after seeing lisa a few times now and she knew who i was that she could be so rude to a regular like that  and to top everything i have got some small bruising around my one side of my neck from where she was very rough and also today i cannot even walk on my 1 ankle

Now i know this sounds out of character for her and i could have caught her on a bad day but i shall not be going back again at all because the pain iam in today and the bruising was total not called for and i would hate to have to ring up on the day to ask if its safe to come for a massage

I've been there once . And will not be returning , she nearly pulled my dick off !!

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