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Author Topic: emily asian escort - Central London  (Read 1502 times)


I was wondering if anyone else had seen/ paid for services from: http://emilyasianescort.co.uk/ ?

I've seen her 3 times, and each time it got better, but she is expensive and she was one of my first.

Just interested, as when i searched her before for reviews etc, I saw nothing.

Offline Matium

Oh bugger off and take your touting elsewhere.

You really think you can fool the most sophisticated punter's forum in Britain?

Just a casual check reveals that her photos are fake.

Offline Matium

The photos are of Yoko Ogura, who's 29 years old and is married and works as a model in Japan!

Sorry, I didn't mean to tout. the girl i saw did look a but like her tbh and it has been 7 months since i saw her last.

I apologies for irritating and upsetting you.

Maybe an admin, could remove this post? :(

Offline yumyum3

Once again sexy glasses, it looks like you should have gone to fucking specsavers  :dash:

Offline Matium

The thread can't be deleted as other guys need to be warned how "Emily" is using fake photos so that they don't waste their hard earned money.

Offline Gooner4Life

I've seen her 3 times
Did you leave your glasses at home when you did ?

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