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Author Topic: dirty raven xx what is this feedback all about?  (Read 503 times)


"wow what an hour...im raw. raven jacked me off into nettles. she didnt even stop when i bled. ill definitely come back"


Offline Punto

To be fair if she was real I'd probably let her...

Offline stevedave

Chances of that being the lass that opens the door are slim to fuck all I'd say.

I would suggest that she was a cam girl looking to drum up extra business, but she doesn't have cam ticked. Very odd. Only recent feedback is that she messed someone about which sadly doesn't surprise me...if she was real, she'd be knee deep in bookings.

Perhaps you should TOFTT OP, but if you do take some dock leaves  :lol:

Online mrfishyfoo

To be fair if she was real I'd probably let her...

Ha !! Ha !! Hell yes if the girl that opened the door to me I too would let her do anything she wanted.

Have to agree with SD on this one.

I do know that some WGs operate a 'sting' but this is a bit much FFS.

 :thumbs down:

I'll get my coat...

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