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Author Topic: Greedy Girl Parties - Bristol  (Read 930 times)

Offline Sanch79

Have got an invite to one of the parties next week but wondered if any other single males have been before? Is it worth it or is it mainly for the couples involved?
For £60 it could be worth the punt.


Offline JV547845

Sounds alright if you want to try Bukake, but something about it being in Bristol and not Japan or GGG makes me think ew, I don't want to touch anyone there and get some other blokes cum on me. 

If I'm going to pay more than £50 personally, then I don't want to have to deal with any bullshit asking for an invitation, or swinging socialising bullshit.  Honestly it's 2016.  We have Tinder now.  What the fuck is swinging even good for anymore?

I'd save the fee and add it to a bog standard £60 punt and treat my self to an hour with a reliable stunner.
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