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Author Topic: Best place for massage - Leeds  (Read 3021 times)

Hi there

I was wondering is someone could help and suggest the best place to go for a nice massage with happy ending in Leeds
All suggestions and people opinions would be grateful


Offline bod666

I second that request! Plenty come up doing a viva street search but it's always hard to tell if any are good. And I've had no joy trying to arrange a meet by text. When I get some time I'll post some links.

Yeh that's what I'm struggling to see, is if the gum tree and viva street adds are any good or not and what services may be involved, and if there genuine

Offline xxx123

There are a couple of Thai massage places on Vicar Lane, you will definitely get HR there.

Most of the girls on Gumtree and Vivastreet offer HR with their service. So far I've mostly had good experiences, the worst I had was an unenthusiastic girl. Of course, on Gumtree you don't know what the girl looks like, but that adds to the excitement.

Take the plunge and choose one.

Offline TomR

I wouldn't recommend the Thai places - one is the orchid, the other name escapes me. I have read poor
reviews on both. The quality of massages varies depending on the girl and the prices also vary widely. Probably best to go for an indie like ana or cristina. Not sure how to do links but for for anna - www.leedsholisticmassage.co.uk  and cristina cristinamassageheadingly.com

The other Thai place, just round the corner from the Orchid is called.Chayada.

HE guaranteed at both. However both are getting greedy and pricey. At Orchid I've have B2B which included OWO and RO (and CIM) - this was originally offered at £100 (on top of the door fee) haggled.it down to £60 but only because she knew me.

Chayada is hit and miss as to whthere anything more that HJ is available. I've had an oily titwank there about a year ago but last visit it was a mechanical HJ with no touchinh.

Has anyone come across Diana massage in headingley?
Would anyone recommend or have any other suggestions to try?

Offline normal_guy

Emilia massage whom I've seen several times. Happy always available and on my 3rd meet I offered a bit extra for topless.

Offline zafa

unfortnately this is not followed , needs more input

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