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Author Topic: BSS Julia LSS rebecca  (Read 759 times)

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Had a really fun time on my first weekend punting thank you for the reviews guys. It was really helpful reading up before hand.

BSS was awrite...few slight downers...like eh the Johnny breaking! Not chuffed...having to get check up this week...accidents happen but the girl was a little rough with the rubber when she put it on, Julia was her name very cute and sexy really enjoyed my 30 mins with her. Great body and if you are after kissing and gfe would recommend-she's adorable.

LSS was I think my favourite of the weekend, Rebecca showed me around when I arrived and omg what a body ass to die for...no brainer picked her straight away. No regrets not gfe, little less intimate but I wasn't after that just wanted to get my hands on her tidy body. She was nice though would go back for her! The facilities were better than BSS also...

So yeah ok both good for different reason Shame about the break at BSS kinda put a downer on the whole thing...difficult to be impartial after that...but at the moment I'd wanna go back to LSS.

Both great fun though ;) just NTS to tryout one day....

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