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Author Topic: North East - Francesca of Amour  (Read 798 times)

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This lady as most of you are aware went missing for a couple of months following an injury mishap, but her standing in the escort world probably rose during that period of inactivity. Her long awaited return was much sort after and the fact that she has been inundated with meets since that return just shows how popular she has become and what her level of service has been like. But even better for someone like myself Francesca has decided to do a bit of a tour so instead of a trip north of the river it was a much shorter trip just up to Durham for me on this occasion. Contact for this meet was initially made through another site but the booking was still confirmed early on the day of the meet with Amour and the hotel address received at that point.

Obviously not the first time that I've met Francesca so the characteristics and services below are similar to an earlier review I did, but to confirm


Personality: Friendly, Confident, Outgoing, Adventurous and Enthusiastic throughout and willing initiate activities.

Appearance: Very attractive blonde, Brown eyes, Dress size 12-14, Breast size about 34D, Height about 5ft 6"

Services: DFK, Oral (owo) & Reverse, Sex (protected), Rimming, CIM, Massage & Hand Relief

A new hotel, and therefore a bit wary of my surroundings but the room was found and there standing in the open door way arms wide for a big hug was the lovely Francesca. I hadn't asked for any particular attire, but there she was long blonde hair cascading down a plain white blouse, black leather skirt, fishnets and heels. Door closed a long passionate kiss reunited us and as our hands slid over each others bodies I realised that the clothing I had just described was the sum total of Francesca's clothing - no under wear to be seen - off with the blouse and those lovely breasts were free. She led me straight to the bed, shrunk after 6" when she took her shows off but assisted in my clothes disappearing faster than any magician could have done, before massaging a certain part of my anatomy that was growing by the second. She climbed onto the bed and then kneeling but facing me leant forward and took me in her mouth, slow and sensually making me disappear, a little bit more on each movement forward. I had pulled up her skirt and was able to reach forward and play with her most private parts as she continued to suck on me. Words fail me (yes me lost for words) but I joined her on the bed, she sat with legs astride, laid me across the bed and went down on me again. The eye contact is incredible, this is a lady who knows exactly what she is doing and she wants to see how she is teasing you and bringing you to new found heights. Now I can normally manage my orgasm until I choose to come, but she got me to such a level my fear was come once and the meet was over, and we had only just started.

I just had to repay the favour and after going down on Francesca initially on the bed, I positioned myself on the side of the bed so I could have my head at just the right height to enjoy teasing her. I got encouraging words as soon as I started that she could remember this from last time and I was delighted that my reverse oral did not disappoint the lady. I thought at one point I had gone deaf as she locked her thighs on either side of my head, am sure that writhing wasn't a put on as she became very wet in another area at the same time. With Francesca's right on the edge of the bed I was also able to indulge in giving a little rimming that was enthusiastically received. With her still on the bed's edge and me off the bed it just seemed the natural thing to do was on with the cap and to take her in the position we were already in. As soon as I entered her Francesca's referred to our previous meets, nothing like leaving an impression on the lady and her expressions here only heightened my desire to please her more. That eye contact and expression as I'm on top of her brought me to the heights again, but it was then off with the rubber and pushing me onto the bed she once more took me in her mouth. That wicked smile and glint in her eye said it all, she knew I couldn't hold back any longer and she took each spurt of cum with a satisfied hum of contentment then just continued sucking on me to ensure I had been emptied.

Even now there was no rushing me out of the door, she came and lay in my arms on the bed as we chatted about an assortment of topics. Eventually at my suggestion we got up, I dressed and she was just her naughty provocative self, acting all coy but still naked in front of me prancing about.

This is an incredible lady, and this was an incredible meet, she just reminded me of what I'd been missing.  I've even found Francesca's tickly spot but that remains our secret. How on earth PG managed Francesca and Kiaragirl I just don't know, they are both as naughty as each other and I don't think I would have lived to tell the tale, and how some guy managed 2 hours with them on Saturday is beyond belief. I want to keep these two just for me, both cemented firmly in my 'Super Six' and think you can see from this review just why they are there. But really if you haven't been to see Francesca yet then you really have missed a treat. All those previous positive reviews are true and I can vouch that she is back to her full naughty level of fitness.

Phew! That review reads like Mills & Boon Do Porno  :D
Francesca always offers very good value for money. Good review

Offline Rod trotter

Thanks.too long switched off after the first paragraph.

A woman id like to see, i will read it when i have a spare hour
Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted

Great comprehensive review as ever IM. You are right about Francesca remembering everything about previous meets and indeed seems to remember everything that was said or suggested and she is prepared and ready to go. She is totally adventurous and oozes genuine enjoyment.

I've been married for nigh on 30 years and saw around 50 escorts before meeting Francesca, I can say categorically that I had no idea what was possible until then. Amazing girl on so many levels.

Offline Houdini

A very comprehensive review which perfectly describes the kind of action you will get with Lovely Francesca.

Offline Dunelm

I managed two hours with Francesca and Kiaragirl on Saturday: review will follow later today.

I managed two hours with Francesca and Kiaragirl on Saturday: review will follow later today.

I know, she tipped me off that the pair of them had a two hour booking. I thought Plastic Geordie was a brave man when Kiara arranged his birthday present for him and he had an unexpected bonus, but to volunteer for two hours I'm surprised you're still alive to tell the tale.
As good as it sounds, and they are both incredible ladies individually, I think for me the two of them together would be too much of a good thing.

Offline Rod trotter

Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted

Thanks.too long switched off after the first paragraph.

A woman id like to see, i will read it when i have a spare hour

Rod was going to suggest that instead of reading the review, just go ahead and book her as I see over on UKE both you and I have commented about her recent photos. You have her on your hit list so I was suggesting just go and do it, but see that you have now said that you are sold, that's good.

I know from your review of Kiara how much you enjoyed that meet, well rest assured, Francesca is a blonde Kiara. (and as naughty as your current favourite girl).How Plastic Geordie and Dunelm have coped with both of them beggers belief.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline Rod trotter

Sorry ..... im not a fan of mega long reviews mate.i genuinely switch off all the sex stuff, thats just me, its the cunt in me .

Im booking a duo with the scruffy fuckers
Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted

Great review mate, and thank you. It's good to type it all up - helps you remember the details later. I can't wait to get my mitts on Fran, when I next manage to engineer a trip up north.

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