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Author Topic: Stefani Black - Leeds *AVOID AVOID*  (Read 739 times)

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Well finding myself a bit randy this afternoon I thought instead of seeing my regular who is fabulous that I would mix it up a bit and try someone new and after doing some research I came across Stefani and her only review is a good one from someone who has reviewed and been reviewed by a SP who I have seen so thought it was worth a shot, oh boy was I wrong!!

First of all her comms were good and this is about the only positive.

Now Stefani I would hazard a guess is as least 10 if not 15yrs older than her profile stated age of 25, and its pretty clear from the pics that shes not 25 but she doesnt look as old as she really is and her profile states a size 16 but I would say its a safe bet to say she is more a 18-20 and although she does have a large set of puppies on her these are unfortunately rather saggy and uninspiring.

As for the action she started with OWO and this was just a case of her moving her head up and down whilst she just happened to have my cock in her mouth whilst holding the base, no tongue flicking, no variance of speed or ball teasing and after about 5mins of doing so she said "do you want sex" to which I replied not so fast, relax and that I wanted some kissing so we moved on to this whilst I was rubbing her clit, the kissing was basically totally uninspiring, no tongues, passion or anything of the sort and whilst rubbing her clit this produced no reaction whatsoever so thought I would go for a meal at Restaurant Y so down I went and the only other slight positive apart from the comms was that she had a clean tasting fanny and after feasting for what felt like a decent amount of time with no reaction, grunt or groan whatsoever (now I am no Casanova but I have on numerous occasions in both my punting and civvie life been commended for my oral skills) so I am now at a stage I just want to get this over and done with and said to her its time for sex to which she responded by climbing on top of me and totally half heartedly and half assed tried some kind of riding which had no rhytm whatsoever and after a few moments of this I said lets change to missionary and I entered her with her legs over my shoulder and started to pump away and willed myself to cum as quickly as possible which I thankfully did.

After finishing off she basically handed me a wet wipe which used and handed to her, got dressed and off I went.

In hindsight, I should have walked the second I saw her but by this stage I was already inside the flat as she done the normal trick of opening the door whilst hiding behind it.

Stefani seems to have no enthusiasm for her job whatsoever and paying £60 for half hour and staying for all of about 15mins says it all and I would advise all to keep clear.

https://www.adultwork.com/3354580 or https://www.adultwork.com/STEFANI+BLACK

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Offline Tricks

Thanks LeedsFella I looked at her last week when I had been let down. It was the gallery pic that put me off :scare:

I didnt subscribe to her private gallery so missed it but you live and learn :-)

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