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Author Topic: Sammi-Lee  (Read 318 times)

Offline JohnDoh


Sammi-Lee has placed on a bid on my reverse booking.

Does anyone have any info about her. Looks good...


Thanks in advance,


Offline Andyply

Jesus NOOOOOOO  saggy tits, rough lookin' plus £200ph too.  Do good Catholics girls use condoms?  Looking forward to your review buddy  :hi:
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Offline JohnDoh

I noted that she isn't the typical goddess. It's not 200. It's a reverse booking and considerably less. It may be worth it if anyone knows anything about her...any tricks she turns that are out of this world etc.? May be flogging a dead horse here... :wacko:

Offline Andyply

 :drinks: Yep I noticed you mentioned a RB   :thumbsup:  Just not my type  :thumbsdown: That's the joy of punting as she might be incredible  :unknown: 
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