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Author Topic: When you think how much you've spent on this, then go on Autotrader  (Read 1857 times)

I reckon my current car loses about £200 per month in depreciation ie before I've even shelled out on fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance. The sensible   economic advice is sell your motor and spend the money saved and accrued getting taxis to your punts.......

Online Estoril

Not bad at all.  I look on autotrader from time to time and see what I can upgrade to - in the end I blow it on prossies instead  :cool:

Offline LL

Slightly different. I look at my monthly punting budget of £200 and realise that I could spend that money on car loan and would be able to afford a new car (with a decent deposit from savings).  I've shagged a fair few old nails and I drive one too :hi:

Offline LL

I reckon my current car loses about £200 per month in depreciation.
Goooooordon Bennett! What are you driving a Vauxhall Astra?

Offline 4kingace

Funnily enough, I saw a girl yesterday and made a note of her in my punting book along with all the other names of girls I've seen over the last few years - some of the girls I remember some I've forgotten about.
Then I thought I'd add it all up how much it's cost me over the last five years.
I wish I hadn't, if only there was some way of making a PPI style claim for the punts that weren't very good.

Offline Buttons

No point in adding the total cost of punting up. Best approach is just spend what you can afford and be honest with yourself what that amount is. If you can do that, and stick to it, then you can bask in all the "you only live once", "you can't take it with you" etc etc bollox  :hi:

Punting isn't my main hobby, I have another that isn't what you would term cheap. I've never worked out what that has cost me over the last 30 years. Why bother working out what any hobby you get satisfaction from is costing? No point in saying "I could have bought a Porsche/BMW/Merc etc etc". If you wanted the car, then you should have bought it and not fucked the 200 prossies.

Thing is we fucked the prossies, we didn't buy the car......maybe some of us were lucky and did both. Who cares?

We punt because we like fucking. That costs not insignificant dosh, so you makes your choices and you pays your cash. Punting should be guilt free sex. Unlike having an affair for example. Same goes for the money, if you regret it or think "should have spent the cash on something else", I'd say it is time to stop fucking prossies and spend your money in a way that really makes you happy. Or maybe you are addicted and need help to quit the sausage game?

BTW, my post wasn't a criticism of 4kingace (post above) or anyone else who has posted. Just my response to the thread...... :hi:
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Offline The_Don

That I have actually grown up a little.

I no longer feel that I need a car that can do 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds.

One that can do it in less than 6 is quite adequate.

It's taken well over 50 years on this planet to get this.

My car trip computer states my average MPH is 17. With this in mind, I'm happy with just under 9 sec, to 60.

But I as I've aged, I like the comforts more, than speed or some thing that gets me from A to B (when driving).

Cruise control, climate control, heated leather seats, voice activated items, all round sensors and reversing camera etc.

It is a bizarre question in a way - arguably the car is the most successful con worked on consumers, some of whom are happy to sign away a large part of their income for the privilege of sitting in the same traffic queues as everyone else, proud of the fact that it is costing them a small fortune in depreciation to do so!

The idea that punting is a waste of money by comparison seems bonkers to me.

Interesting to see how premium manufacturers like BMW are now running scared of the likes of Apple and Google who may render them increasingly pointless with self driving vehicles.

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