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Author Topic: latinas Carla  (Read 445 times)

Hi. Was perusing adultwork girls in the somerset area and came across this cutie  :thumbsup: looks like a stunner to me.
Tempted to give it a go. Anyone had any experience/can recommend use of this establishment? Or any others worth a look in taunton area?

Offline justben

not met with her but the 'establishment'  is a good and trustworthy one, always leave happy   :D

Thats good to know thanks. Is it discreet? Might give them a ring next week and post my findings :cool:

Offline lewis666

It's fairly discreet and shouldn't have any problems as has been said they have a good rep so you should be ok if you read the profile and don't expect anything not listed.

I'd have a check if I was you though as the girls normally change every couple of weeks and from memory she has done 2 so may change shortly

Offline JV547845

She was excellent - I'd definitely recommend a booking, but I think you're too late to see her in Taunton for now.
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Thanks for the information but :dash: have dawdled too long and Carla has now left it seems as when I went to check the site again she wasnt there but Rubi was. Not so sure about her being my type as much but she does have more 'enjoys' on her list, if that is an accurate description of whats on offer? I am around this area for a week or so so domt thinthere will be another change of girl from whats been said. Any recommendations on Rubi? Or any other good punts in the area? Thanks

Offline lewis666

Have a search on here as she has been reviewed before and that is the beauty of Latina's that if one is not for me then a couple of weeks pass and the next may be, makes a refreshing change from the ones that have the same cant be bothered girls operating out of.

I'd be surprised if you came out disappointed from there though

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