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Author Topic: Adultwork profile  (Read 2197 times)

I'll be polite as you're new posting here. I don't know that there's any rule against it, but we rarely have "bump" type messages on the boards here and certainly a bump on a thread after only 3 hours of inactivity is a waste of everyone's time. Especially since there had already been some responses to your request.

Some people post here during the day, some in the evening, others early morning. Your message will get seen by those who are interested without adding "bumps".

Welcome to the board, though!

Thanks mh :)

Offline PuntingPete

I've just read her interview questions,

Q: "What is the most embarrassing thing ever happened to you in public"

A: "Giving oral sex in a nightclub & everyone taking pictures"

If you found it embarrassing why do it ???  :dash:

Offline yumyum3

If you found it embarrassing why do it ???  :dash:
I did try to tell Daz she was a fucking idiot  :wackogirl:

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