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Author Topic: Khloe Colindale - Poles apart from the rest!  (Read 1521 times)

65 review(s) for khloe sexy girl (62 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I feel I have been a bit remiss in posting new reviews here lately due mostly to procrastination, travel and time constraints.

My long awaited first meeting with Michelle Independent booked via A/W and confirmed on the day for an evening outcall in an Earls Court Hotel, a couple of weeks ago, was cancelled with short notice by her and should have prompted me to give a suitable review of the non event but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, largely due to her good reputation here, and so waited patiently to hear back from her with perhaps the offer of another date, or at least a more convincing apology for what had transpired but I have heard nothing. Nada. Not by phone, text, mail nor a PM either here or on UKP. Ho hum…

So I decided that I would fulfil my Polish itch, by seeing a N. London regular who had just returned from a trip back home.

The lovely Khloe who I have seen a number of times in the past ten months, did not disappoint.
I have nicknamed her – “Special K “ - and no, not because she does breakfast meets – which apparently she does by appointment - but after the stunning girl in red in those early TV ads.


She has of course been reviewed here many times both before and since she lost her AW account. It’s all here on record from some great and reliable members, so not a lot of point going over the services again which appear unchanged.

I have reviewed her once before, but it was over 9 months ago and along with the exceptional and consistent service I have received from her, felt that a short update, would be appropriate, with just a few more intimate details of body and hygiene for those who are interested.

The thing I guess I most like about Khloe ( apart of course from her body and those outstandingly perfect 34C natural breasts which someone really should post in the “best tits” thread! ) is her attitude.

I love positive girls who are game for a laugh and she really is one of those.

I do enjoy her enthusiastic DFK which always gets me hard, She is apparently a smoker.
I am not and find a smoker’s breath quite unpleasant and yet have never noticed it on her at all.

On this visit I confess I did spend rather a long time DATY in 69 before moving, onwards inwards and upwards into some more conventional coital pleasures.

For me Khloe tastes as sweet as a nut and I personally have never experienced anything other than A1 fresh hygiene from her upstairs and down.

I have noticed that some members often seem a little obsessed by the tightness of girls to the exclusion of other intimate attributes.

There is something about the vascularity of K's vagina too which puts her in another class. I guess I must have been a frustrated gynaecologist in another life but I do find the variations in pussies fascinating....

Anyway, sorry I am digressing and running out of time today.

Bottom line summary, if a bit fluffy
Great Girl
Great Body
Great Attitude
Great Sex
Well above the average Punt  :hi:

« Last Edit: May 21, 2016, 04:14:06 PM by tantric talents »

Glad you had a good punt tt.
She was a great punt for me too and did not smell!

Offline The_Don

Thanks for the review.

I've punted Khloe a number of times and IMO she provides a good service.

Some members published and updated a wiki page about her > https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/Khloe_Sexy_Girl_%28Colindale%29

Good review. Have to agree about her outstanding service and A1 hygiene.  :thumbsup:

Offline Steve2

Good review TT

Just to play devils advocate . Is she worth twice as much as Xena for 1/2 hr?

Offline The_Don

Good review TT

Just to play devils advocate . Is she worth twice as much as Xena for 1/2 hr?

I know the question is directed at TT but, depend on how you look at it. I normally book 1 hour + punts.

Xena now charging £80 P/H, even to me and I don't like booking in advance, to be blunt.

Where Khloe list £120 P/H to new punters, old ones (that punted her before) still pay her old rates. Thus £100 P/H for me and I book on the day with her.
« Last Edit: May 21, 2016, 07:15:04 PM by The_Don »

Just to play devils advocate . Is she worth twice as much as Xena for 1/2 hr?
You got me there Steve. I never do 1/2 hrs and I have never seen Xena. Isn't she Hungarian?
Without seeing her in person, she looks cute in her photos but I think Khloe is probably in a different league - at least looks and body wise? And I am on old rates too so vfm imo  ;)
YMMV ...
« Last Edit: May 21, 2016, 07:19:45 PM by tantric talents »

Offline Cunning Punt

Good in a way she sticks by loyal customers. Shame for the rest of us she's now up to £120ph.

Thanks for this.

Khloe Sexy Girl 's old AW profile for link to previous reviews.

65 review(s) found for khloe sexy girl linked to in above post (62 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

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