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Author Topic: Punting in risky situations/extreme fantasy question.  (Read 1049 times)

Offline Bigowl

I'm the sort of person who when I get a idea in my head I can't shake it!

Next month I'm in a very high end private hospital for a procedure which is pretty straight forward.
You probably already know what I'm thinking.....
I'm so tempted to put a reverse booking for someone to come visit me in what I would say normal business attire, but perhaps a nurses outfit under it.

Either risk oral in my bed, or fuck her in the on suite

I really want this to happen, and if need be I think the gf might do it, but a escort would be better

Have you ever tried anything similar, and do you think someone would?

Offline OakTree

Didn't go so well for this chap Here

Offline Bigowl

He's a doctor.... I'm a patient

I only take risks that I am prepared to take the consequences of which is many, up to you I don't know anything about the layouts, locks or hospital rules for patients so cannot advise !

Stinks of attention seeking !

Anyway hope procedure goes well for you !

Offline Bigowl

It will be fine

Been the hospital a few times for surgery

Not attention seeking. I was wondering if people ever took much in the way of risks
A ex boss of mine (I assume he still does) used to hire escorts for work functions and occasionally had the odd one in the office, if very few staff were in....

Blinds would go down in the boardroom.

Most punters take risks. It doesn't particular sound that risky. Having an outcall to your own house while your wife is upstairs asleep sounds risky

Anyway I hope the final stages of your gender reassignment surgery goes well

Offline Roth

Go for it mate and report back here please.  :drinks: :drinks:

Banging a brass on a high wire is risky but also guarantees immortality ! It's a risk and reward dilemma  :yahoo:  and depends on how your need for a fix of adrenalin is gauged  ! Inviting one of the nurses to join into a threesome might up the stakes   :dance: !

Go for it mate and report back here please.  :drinks: :drinks:

Could be a quality review.....



Been done already.... Go for it!

She's been working in York past couple of weeks. Don't know if she made it to the hospital though!

Offline Bigowl

Personally, and maybe I'm blinded.... I can't see the risk

I have a lockable room as well as bathroom,  I will need a hand in the shower as it's knee surgery.  So as long as she's discreetly dressed and well reviewed so I know she's trusted, how can I get caught

Usually I'm quite long lasting however taking someone from behind always makes me come quite quickly... and the excitement of it will almost certainly mean I only last 2 or 3 minutes.

I'm very tempted I admit

I hope your wife doesn't take the kids out of school for a surprise early afternoon visit  :scare:

Offline will-ow

ive done things like this a few times before(risk of geting caught)but ive found WG charge more in these situations!

Offline Bigowl

ive done things like this a few times before(risk of geting caught)but ive found WG charge more in these situations!

Could you give examples

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