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Author Topic: Stunnig-Danielle  (Read 507 times)

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So found myself with a free day in Birmingham and plans A and B weren't working  :( I decided to TOFTT even though I kind of knew what to expect having read and contributed to the threads concerning the Group/Agency Birmingham Dolls but I thought £60 for half hour what the hell! I decided to see Danielle www.adultwork.com/3232829  www.adultwork.com/Stunning%2Ddanielle Now Birmingham Dolls have put up profiles for their girls on AW all claiming to be Independents  :dash: not sure if this is because they all use the same flat in Harbourne ? but it could lead to confusion as any communications you may make assuming you are talking to the girl in question are in fact with the agency ??? Any way lucky for me I already knew this so I phone up "Hi is that Danielle ?" "Oh yeah speaking" answered a woman with a Manchester accent ? LoL I already knew Danielle was a Brummie so I thought I would play along  :lol: Made my appointment for a half hour in-call. I turned up on time and called Danielle ??? for the flat number. Rang the buzzer no reply ? Called Danielle again " Oh yeah sorry Danielle just popped down the shops but she should be back in 5 minutes"  WTF ? ME "But I thought You were Danielle ???" Birmingham Dolls " Er Er Er know sorry I'm Her friend". I was just about to leave when I saw a young attractive slim brunette girl walking down the road. I thought if that's Danielle I will stay as I did fancy her! It was  :D  Although I am not convinced it is her in the AW profile ? Any way I got on well Danielle a nice girl but when I mentioned anything about the booking on AW or her profile she seemed very vague  :thumbsdown: This is of course because it is set up and controlled by BDs. The meet. She asked for the paperwork to be sorted. No problem had a shower. A decent working shower in a nice clean apartment Danielle came back in sexy underwear lovely slim body small pert breasts nice bum. No Fk just pecks. She gave me good OWO but I think this is only because she liked me. I got the impression it would not be on offer to everyone. Then on with the condom and I took her dogging until a Happy Ending. I did like Danielle I had a good chat and laugh with her afterwards but the review has to be Neutral because of the set up. She had popped down the shop because the Agency hadn't told her what time I was coming for my booking despite the fact I had booked it on AW that morning and over the phone ???  Would I return ? Only if plans A and B weren't available again.

2 review(s) found for British babe dan linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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Your experience sounds very similair to mine so it sounds like the service hasn't improved in the few months since I saw her. She's an attractive and friendly girl so a bit of effort and she could be very good.

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