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Author Topic: Mileytours currently in Southampton  (Read 3460 times)

Offline Gulydp

Hi guys, has anyone seen this girl at all? She's in Southampton at the moment and I'm tempted.


I've done a search and little comes back...and obviously skeptical about AW feedback. Any thoughts would be thankfully received.

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Unprotected sex and sloppy seconds - not for me thank you very much

Offline Gulydp

Unprotected sex and sloppy seconds - not for me thank you very much

Hmmmm...didn't notice that

Avioid avoid avoid.

Seen this girl a number of times over the last few years, her service has progressively got worse each time.

I havent reviewed her for a couple of reasons, mostly because these punts were all prior to me coming here, but secondly she completly deletes her profile and makes a new one, with a new page number every week or so. (try for yourself, by adding her to your hotlist and watch her disappear), making any reviews pointless as they do not link to any profile.

She is unbelievably small, I mean freakishly small. She has quite a 'posh' voice when you talk to her. Her face is very plain. Her teeth are awful (she eats a lot of sweets, sugary drinks etc).

She has been discussed previously on this site, some of her previous names (that I can remember) Tourcat, Divatouch, Purplediva. I will see if I can track down previous posts on her, pretty sure I posted on her before, so I will check my post history later.

She has a strange vetting procedure for new clients, which I have myself never gone through, but others have mentioned 'stand somewhere where I can see you' before allowing you in. I asked her about this, and she told me, she has a violent ex boyfriend who tries tracking her down, one time I saw her she had nasty marks on her face, as if she had been beaten up.

She used to charge extra to 'buy' condoms from her. She offered me bareback once. (take your own to be sure)

She is pure filth and would probably entertain the most unusual/far fetched requests, that no one else would.
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Here I recommend avoiding her as well, as do a few other forum regulars. She was called Newbienew18 at that time.

The saddest thing was, 3 or 4 years ago she was very good :(

Offline Gulydp

Cheers guys, think I'll give this one a miss. Shame, as she looks hot!

The awful teeth are an immediate turn off for me.

The search continues  :dash:

Offline Cunning Punt

Unprotected sex and sloppy seconds - not for me thank you very much

Yes, good spot. I seemed to have missed that and half-considered booking her when she was in Oxford at the weekend. I'll have to check for 'unprotected sex' as well as bareback.

Seemed like a dodged a bullet.

Almost fell into this trap myself. Saw her profile while browsing and thought it might be a good punt. Usually I'm quite good about doing research on WGs, where they are, the services they offer and that sort of thing but my primitive urges got the better of me that time.

I text her (comms are good) and arranged to meet a few hours later. "Great!" I thought, "Enough time to shower beforehand." While I was in the shower, I remembered that I hadn't done my research so I hop on here and sure enough Mileytours (now Hikegal - https://www.adultwork.com/3441842 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hikegal) was too good to be true. Her dental hygiene has been comparable to that of a cave-beast and her facial hair would make even Chuck Norris green with envy apparently. What killed it for me though was the unprotected sex (always scroll to the bottom to check if a WG offers that, not just bareback) and that she offered "sloppy seconds". Nope. Nope. NOPE!

Immediately, I phoned and cancelled and was called a wanker. I simply replied with "In this case, wanking would be the safer option."

A valuable lesson was learned that day - Always. Do. Your research.     

2 review(s) found for Mudpug linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline purple_t

Damn, she sounds insane! Not in a good way

Offline HawkG

It ain't Rowntrees Fruit Pastels doing that to her teeth.

Offline oring123

I am told crack shags teeth !
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Offline purple_t

It ain't Rowntrees Fruit Pastels doing that to her teeth.

Legit. I feel sorry for anyone who believes her 'lots of sweets' excuse. Almost certainly crack or even maybe even meth

Offline HawkG

...Almost certainly crack or even maybe even meth

Quite :(

Never met a crack-head with a full set of gnashers.

(And thankfully, not met a crack-head full stop for a while, managed to get better at spotting them from the outset)

Teeth are one of the most important things to check out in her photos. I don't expect US-style perfection, but I'm going to be suspicious of anyone conspicuously hiding their hampsteads.
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She's changed her name again to Splitgal. If the facial hair, brown rotting teeth and poor feedback on here wasn't enough to turn you away (to be honest, it should be) then the fact that this girl changes her name every fortnight should be cause for concern.

So I took one for the team. Last week she and I happened to be in the same area, so I booked 15 minutes, more out of curiosity than anything else. As has been said already, she is tiiiiiiiiny and the teeth are cause for concern, but I have to say I got a decent service. I got exactly my fifteen minutes, no rushing to straddle you and get you out the door, and otherwise she looked and smelled great.

A few hoops to jump through as people have said, but nothing I haven't had to work with before. A spirited bit of roleplay and dirty talk, load shot, time up and out of there. To be honest, if she was nearby I would probably see her again.

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