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Author Topic: Royal Orchid -Newcastle and Crewe  (Read 616 times)

Hi all,
     I have visited the subject shops on a number of occasions and have seen a few different ladies. I personally really like Thai ladies. As anywhere I have found some ladies to be better than others. I have seen Kat,Boom,Pimm and another tall lady whose name escapes me presently.

The massage is usually very good indeed with the owner Boom seemingly having all her staff carrying out massage to a certain standard.

HR is available on most occasions and is usually £20.00 but I was quoted £40.00 some time ago by the lady whose name escapes me. She would not budge on that and although her massage was very good, I have never returned to her.
Boom provides an excellent massage but never anything more for me at least. That is fine to be honest? I am quite shy so tend not to ask.

Has any one else had experience at the fore mentioned shop?

Hi mate
Yea I went a few weeks ago more out of curiosity more than anything.. Never visited a 'shop' like this one before but after reading on here about massage with HE I did a little research lol
The lady i saw was really pleasant and friendly (can't remember her name but think she said she worked Thursday to Sunday?)
Massage was good asked if I wanted soft, medium or hard :) didn't know if she was talking about my cock lol
I went for medium.. Nice compliments on my body and chit chat then she popped the question bit rude but your want HE? Bingo! £25 massage £20 HE
Overall really good experience would defo return

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