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Author Topic: What havent you tried yet (but are considering)  (Read 1747 times)

A proper fit young'un to try watersports with, both ways.
Done most other things that I have heard of and wanted to try.

Offline mattylondon

Drinking tea and eating biscuits in my paid time instead of punting after handing a £500 present over and pledging life long loyalty, then paying for the WG to go on a round the world cruise and pay her rent for a year.  :crazy:
Then you should PM Anth in order to obtain some advice, although he prefers cakes!  :crazy:

I'd like to try a 3 girl, but strictly just me. No other blokes with their hairy arses and balls around, which rules me out of the party scene. You did make me chuckle when you posted that you don't like looking at yourself in a mirror!  :lol:

I'd also love to punt Paige Turnar, as she's positively filthy, but not at £500 at pop!  :scare:
« Last Edit: April 15, 2012, 01:03:02 AM by mattylondon »

1) Still not got round to my 1st threesome.
2) A proper Nuru session, as seen on TV, not just rubbing some gel on my body with their hands.
3) 2 or 3 weeks of constant ho' shagging in that place called Thailand.

Online Ali Katt

Still not got round to my 1st threesome.
I've been trying to set one up, the problem is I want it on my own terms which means not just watching a lesbian show. I want to have sex with both girls (changing condom in between girls) and to cum in both girls faces/mouths - I nearly set one up but one girl did CIM/CIF but, the other didn't so it didn't go ahead.

Nuru sounds interesting but seems expensive for what is effectively a glorified oil massage. A better option might be to buy the oil off ebay and use it on a civvy? I heard it was better with a woman with big tits unfortunately most "big girls" who offer nuru I don't fancy.

Not done a tie & tease so may try that.

Offline finn5555

 I want to try the Nuru massage but cant find anyone who either a) takes my fancy or b) offers a proper Nuru massage  :cry:

Offline DannyJames

Two things for me on the list to try next:

visit to an FKK

Parties, a gang bang, a threesome, some mild spanking, giving and receiving, making a film, plenty of time I hope.

Tony Montana

I quite like the idea of a tie-n-tease, but it would have to be with someone I trusted if I was going to be blindfolded.  Then again... maybe that's the point. Putting yourself in the hands of someone else and not knowing what they are going to do.

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