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Author Topic: Melly_Mellysa - Commercial Road  (Read 1712 times)

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30 mins @ £60


Made contact with this girl, the address/postcode she gave looked familiar. Checked my call log and realised it was the same address given by a different girl “Plan B” on a previous punt. Couldn’t remember who it was and couldn’t find the profile (still can’t but will post here if I do). So with Lloyd Grossman’s voice ringing in my head “Who lives in a house like this?” I went to find out.

Location - Dark seedy street off Commercial Road that will have you looking over your shoulder. Suddenly you come across a surprisingly modern, clean housing block in the midsts of the crap. Nice flat.

Mellysa - Total spinner. Romanian girls seem to have this sector of the market sewn up. Slim petite athletic all-natural body, long blonde hair transitioning to red towards the ends, green eyes, pale skin, high cheekbones. Whoever took her gallery photos did a damn good job - of totally fucking them up with Photoshop. They make her look facially hard and older, not the case in reality.

Greeted at the door in sexy lingerie and high heels.  Subjectively I would say that face and body wise, this is probably the hottest looking girl I've punted in my limited punting career.

So how much currency does simply being “smoking hot” get in the punting stakes?

As I was half expecting B&S I was surprised to see the girl pictured. Her English isn’t the best but she made a good effort to engage in banter. OW to kick things off, she put in a good innings in cowgirl, mish and doggy. Didn’t clockwatch and didn’t ask “have you cum yet”, didn’t rush me out the door (was offered a shower but had somewhere else to be in a hurry). In fact a fairly vanilla punt, no complaints and will keep her on my phone as a solid plan B. Did I mention she was smoking hot? That’s what tips this from neutral to a positive review. Just have to find out who her flatmate is.

2 review(s) found for Melly_Mellysa linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

thanks for the review - was OWO not on the menu? Cheers

I didn't actually ask for OWO, she reached for the condom straight away and to be honest I'm fine with OW, doesn't stop me having my fun.

Now that I've read her profile properly I see it lists OWO at discretion, so can't really say.

Offline fuckit

Thanks for the review. She looks fucking good

Offline megadik

Good review mate.. :hi:  she looks facially attractive.. duly added to hotlist  :D

Found that "Plan B" profile, it was Erika:


Now gone to Portsmouth so there must be a different girl sharing the flat.

Offline kaj314

Been on hold for a little while, thanks for the review

Thanks for review... Good option for me; often on Comm Road

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