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Author Topic: little mellisa x -Edinburgh  (Read 1621 times)

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Offline TKovac

Little Melissa

I was prepared for this one to turn put to be a fake however was very happy to discover that she is legit.  She was at the top of my price bracket so was happy to walk and head to a sauna if not authentic.  As it was i was directed to a nice posh flat near the sick kids before the door was opened  by a young (quite possibly genuinely 21)  red head. 

As a feel for what she looks like google Rose Leslie (yrgritte in GoT).  Definitely a red head as the collar clearly matched the cuff  Had a very good meet earlier in the week all services as per profile with OWO alll the way to a contented swallow.  Despite her sweet demeanour she seems to enjoy a good hard shagging and had her legs over her head in a very satisfying pile driver position before again unloading on her sweet features.  Seemed to enyoy having her ass played with though she  was so tight there is no way she will be available for anal in an hour meet any time soon.

Clearly not yet not yet a pro though as her blow job technique could do with some pointers though she was happy to just keep sucking for America and got me over the line twice with a demure little smile.  Cant imagine she will do this for long so would advise getting in quick. 

Looks 9/10
Service 6/10 Clearly currently inexperienced, who knows maybe she will take to the role and turn into a future dirty little superstar - I look forward to finding out


2 review(s) found for LittleMelissax linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline JazzMan

Good list reviews mate.
Good to know " little mellisa" is genuine.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline TKovac

Yeah I tend to go for a bit of a big bang approach to reviews. I normally like to let some time pass to give perspective to a review, think though this one won't be around for long so thought I would confirm that she is genuine

What are her in-call rates? as she only lists out-calls on her profile.

She looks absolutely stunning. I'll be looking to fuck her silly soon

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