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Author Topic: Valhalla in Wolverhampton  (Read 1699 times)

Hi anyone been? what the girls like?  Worth a punt?

Offline Mzunn

I thought its a swinger club not a brothel/massage place

The Valhalla club is actually in Dudley and is predominantly a swingers club, but they do run occasional sessions that single guys can attend for a fee, there is also a membership policy and dress code. The club and decor are very nice with a bar and several various play areas, I have attended events as a single guy and the ladies present at the time while not stunners were very friendly. The problem for a single guy attending any event there, even one aimed at single guys, is that the ladies present are there because they want to be there (ie, not laid on by the club as such) I have been to an evening or two where the event has not even taken place due to no shows (to the annoyance of management and punter alike).
Valhalla is not like the r3tro club or the Private club (both not far from Valhalla) and to my mind attendance at Valhalla are aimed as social events with the possibility that something could happen, rather than the certainty that is offered by r3tro/private clubs.

The Valhalla website  http://www.valhalla.site/home.html

The website whilst informative is not the clearest.

Cheers for that, yep your right website does take some navigating!  Think R3tro or Private more my cuppa

Offline davidgood

The Vallhalla does do some parties for single guys with action guaranteed.

See my review from last December;-




Following the OP's request for information it sparked an interest to attend another event and see if there were any improvements event wise and to the ladies in attendance, so Tuesday I set off to the event advertised on their website, the evening 'Red shoe' party. I arrived at 7:50pm to find the club closed and left at 8:15pm with the club still closed! The party was advertised to start at 8.
It's a 55 minute run each way for me door to door, the venue could be great, unfortunately, as I said in an earlier post, I have been let down before with a no show for the advertised party. The club offers at best a gamble with anyone's time and effort.

thanks twelvedays, my hopes were up now not  oh well 1.5 hours for me  back to Private Club or cinemas grrr

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