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Author Topic: Newport Massage  (Read 1450 times)

Online snaitram99

If it's Preston Road (see map on Vivastreet) it's Helen of Newport or used to be. Fine for a massage only. She may do HE but nothing stirred to warrant it.

Offline DevilD

Yup, she does HE. Used to do reverse massage when she was Risca way. Also went naked and wasn't averse to some fingering. Sadly, the years haven't been too kind.. 

Online snaitram99

Sadly, the years haven't been too kind..

Yes that's sort of what I meant. She used to have a nice picture (clothed, smiling) when they allowed pics but she had changed a lot in appearance since that picture, must have been some years before.

Offline DevilD

Aye, SnailT I was offered a reverse massage when I first saw her - about 20 years ago. She said - then you do what comes naturally... I was naïve then, and didn't take her up. She was then in a relationship with a coloured gentleman, but he died. I think she re-evaluated her service after, and decided against continuing that option. She is now in Western Newport, working from home with family members around, even though door closed with a flimsly hook and eye. IMHO, not really worth the monwy; massage not great, but I just neede a release...

Yep, all correct. Not the best massage due to her health. The price is a little salty. Is it worth it, not sure.

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