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Author Topic: I need your help  (Read 533 times)

Hi Party People,

I have got three more punts in me, a bucket list and a real desire to go out with a bang.

I need your help, in these last three punts I want to see the following.

1) A Milf (35-45)

2) A stunning beautiful women (ideally aged above 25)

3) And a threesome

In all three I want OWO and DFK.

Can you give me any recommendations ?

Offline oring123

Try to remember what town you are in for a start mr 3am !
Banning reason: Previously banned (306)

Three more punts in you? Bucket list? Do you have some sort of terminal illness and on your sick bed and ailing so terribly that you can't search for what you want yourself? You poor, poor man. My deepest condolences.

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