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Author Topic: Orchid Thai Massage - Sheffield  (Read 2309 times)

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Offline enrique87

www.adultwork.com/3113955 or www.adultwork.com/orchid+thai+massage

But I first found her on adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+heeley-s8/thai-flowers-massage-/116046599

Actually this is my 2nd meet with her, I'm literally new to the whole punting scene so the 1st meet it went terrible on my part that is why I didn't post a review because Mr willy was scared of stage fright and didn't want to function.

So onto the 2nd meet.

Communication - Comms was excellent and quick replies, phoned to ask if a specific time slot was available, got a text with the postcode, phoned her when I was close by and got the address.

Location - Tbh the location was not the best, a flat above some store, had to go round the back and up some wooden steps which didn't seem too sturdy :lol: Inside seemed quite clean but I didn't really get a good look since I was lead up some stairs into a different room (I'm guessing there's another girl working in the room below).

The Girl - The girl I saw was the same girl on the AW profile, so didn't get any bait and switch action going on. She's about 5"2ish it seems, facially very attractive with really petite frame with some enhanced boobs which look even bigger on her small frame  :D but bum was only so and so.

The Meet - Once I got lead into the room, there were no mention of a shower before but as I walked through the front door I noticed there was a bathroom directly on the right so I don't think it's really too convenient to shower then have to walk back up some stairs wondering if you'll run into someone else in the flat. Well that didn't bother me as I showered 30mins prior to meeting up so not a really biggie for me.

So pretty straight forward, got the paperwork out of the way and got asked if I wanted a massage but I had one the first time so I skipped it this meet.

Started with some light touching and kissing but no DFK, then onto some OW (actually forgot to ask but I'm quite certain it would be extra)
but I wasn't too bothered since I really just wanted to fuck her senseless as I missed the chance the first time  :P

OW was pretty decent I guess but again I don't have other WG's to compare to, onto some RO for her and then came the raincoat.
Started with her ontop for afew mins then switched over to missionary and ploughed hard and deep until I exploded (Lol I don't know why but I randomly asked her if she did CIM whilst I was going at it - CIM £20 FYI)  :P got cleaned up and chatted for afew minutes as I was getting dressed and onto  a quick kiss to send me on my way.

Overall it was a good experience and cost me £50 /30mins. Didn't feel rushed at all, actually even went over by 5mins as I needed a piss before I left so I had the chance to go to the bathroom with her waiting by the door XD.
So yeh for me i'm quite a vanilla guy so it ticked the boxes for what I was looking for.

Also sorry this is my first review so it's most likely bad but I thought I owe it to all you lads out there to atleast try to write one ;)


3 review(s) found for Thai massage xx linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice one Enrique. Spot on review, there. And round of applause for having the presence of mind to ask about CIM while bang at it!   :)

Sounds like you got very good VFM especially when comparing my off the cuff punt just posted.

As I am also trying out for team vanilla - can you let us know how the massage was first time?

Offline stevedave

I'm guessing you mean OWO rather than OW? Just a pointer - OW = Oral With; OWO = Oral Without  :thumbsup:

Offline enrique87

Hey Del, actually I'm not a big fan of massages so I don't have the experience of knowing a good or bad one XD
It was pretty good and my joints aren't broken  :P

Steve - Oh sorry I left out the forgot to ask about OWO. My bad sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the heads up  :)

Fair enough Enrique  :)

Steve - can you enlighten me on the term CC swipes?  :unknown:

Offline stevedave

Fair enough Enrique  :)

Steve - can you enlighten me on the term CC swipes?  :unknown:

I think someone has on the other thread! I concur though, I always thought it was as in a credit card swipe, back in the day before chip and pin cards.

Cheers steve. Had made a puzzled reference to it in other thread.

It's good to know I've not been missing out on some exotic practice. I think there could be a better all encompassing term for that sort of teasing touch, maybe.

It's sack and crack teasing really -  sac tease?  :unknown:

Don't think that would catch on ??? No need to try and reinvent the wheel I suppose   :blush:


Offline bigbird

I have been here a few times, the girls are always friendly and usually attractive enough.. Melanie is really pretty, when she is working her face pic is shown.. They rotate the girls every week or so..
It cheap and cheerful, the girls friendly and your balls get drained for £50, it's ok.. I go every now and then..

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