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Author Topic: Melissa - Latina - South Croydon  (Read 968 times)

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Location: South Croydon - by the pizza express

Comms: Maid - Not bad, The usual Call, Txt, Call system if you don't know where you're going.

Girl: Like the photos I've uploaded. Large fake F cup tits with some scaring around the nipples, Massive soft nice to touch fake booty which she told me was natural :wacko: :sarcastic: I just went along with it for politeness (But I'm starting to warm to fake asses now). Hair extensions, speaks good English, claimed she was Mexican with some Dominican republic blood on her dads side.

Services: OWO, doggy, missionary, cow girl & some

Very pleasant easy to get along with attitude/personality - she sucks dick well, her suction is very firm and wet, varied it with a bit of deep throat and did a good job of sucking my balls and tonguing the area between my balls and anus which was spot on. Can't remember if there was eye contact of not as I was just laying back enjoying the moment. To be critical there was a few occasions where it felt toothy for a second or two.

Gave her a good hard drilling in all positions, no kissing (I assume its extra) but loads of eye contact etc.

Finished up with some face sitting whilst she sucked me off some more and eventually made me cum.

Paid: £60 for 30mins + £20 for OWO

She didn't appear to clock watch I didn't feel rushed - but on a few occasions she (sounded/seemed innocent and friendly) queried why I stopped drilling her (I was either changing position or wanting to slow it so I didn't pop) I'm not sure if it was genuine concern or she was secretly pissed I potentially stopped myself from coming early. Probably the latter but it didn't affect the punt from my point of view.

1 review(s) found for NINA SEXY69 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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 :sarcastic:Good review pumps, will wait for her to arrive locally and inspect the butthole!

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had a quick flick through and you guys seem to be having good luck with the latinas in south of late  :thumbsup:


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Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Thekeeper, hardcorebanger)

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