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Author Topic: Grays brothel no more  (Read 686 times)

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I think that was the day there was a drive by shooting in Stanford.

At the end of the report it says insufficient evidence to make any arrests. Did the police really expect to find any punters there on a dawn raid?

Wouldn't make any difference if there were punters there or not as paying for sex isn't illegal.

Probably be a difficult situation to explain if you were a middle aged woman with a couple of mobiles and a wedge of cash when the Old Bill come knocking.

Although paying for sex isn't illegal, perhaps the cops think it is. Sure I'v seen on those fly on the wall programs guys getting nicked for kerb crawling and nicked on a brothel raid??

As far as I'm aware, kerb crawling is illegal and can lead to your vehicle being confiscated. A girl soliciting 'trade' on the street is also acting illegally.  If you are busted in a brothel raid it's not illegal that you are there paying for sex, although if the girl is being coerced in any way you will be in a heap of s**t.  If you refuse to give your name and address you will be arrested, and even if you do give it there is the possibility you will be taken to the nick while your id is checked.

But paying for sex, with an unforced and over 18 girl is not illegal in mainland UK ...............yet.

Northern Island next month...   :mad:

Now back to using the Ibis.


qing qing pu, but could be any of them? Sometimes they put a different location, but tell you in Grays when call. As I have found out in the past   

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