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Author Topic: Ariana Thai - Marylebone  (Read 882 times)

3 review(s) for Ariana Thai (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline samson02

www.adultwork.com/2827373  www.adultwork.com/Ariana+Thai

Comms: Excellent.  Her AW green light was on and I called two hours ahead of desired time.  She was delightful on the phone and all instructions were clear and prompt.

Location: Good size flat a couple of minutes walk from Marylebone Station.  Large room, well furnished and dimly lit.  Bathroom seemed OK. 

Deal: 90 minutes - 200 notes.

Looks:  As widely reported, the pictures on AW were taken a long long time ago.  They were probably also airbrushed a long time ago.  Her verification picture is nearer the mark but even then makes her look a little better than I found her.  Not unattractive just not a stunner.

Action: She didn't seem overjoyed to see me but was welcoming enough.  I asked for sex then massage and cum twice.  Ok she said.  Then it was stop start.  She joined me on the couch for a clinch then had to get up to do something.  Back then up again.  I went to the bathroom, came back and she had disappeared.  Came back two minutes later, sorry forgot to make some tea.  Another clinch (can;t call it much more than that.  Avoided kissing completely.  Took off her negligee.  Got up to do something else.  On to the bed she said (her English isn;t brilliant) then fussed about with pillows.  Started stroking me then whoops got to get the johnny out.  Back again then off to turn something else on (not me BTW).  Eventually we progressed to some oral which was feather like (i.e. I could hardly feel it).  Eventually got me hard enough, on with the johnny and she rode away.  The whole process was so mechanical I lost interest.  Even the finest blue pill didn't save the situation.  We started again and with a bit of covered oral she got me up again and with a reverse cowgirl (pretty good as it happens) I popped.

So far a big disappointment.  Lack of momentum made it seem like she really wasn't that interested and that's a killer for me.

Then came the massage.  The first half made me think she learned how to massage from a You Tube video - it was crap.  She then applied loads, and I mean loads, of oil and the B2B began.  It was sensational (and I've had a few).  She used all her body all over mine to the extent that I wasn't sure which bit of her was gliding over me, her limbs were everywhere.  This alone switched the experience up from a negative.  After some time she turned me over and gave me a great oily HJ.  Great.

She offered me a shower as I was so oily but ended up spending a great deal of care towelling me down to get rid of most of it - good.  Gave me a bottle of water and let me go with two minutes to go an unconvincing "see you again soon".  Actually no thanks love.

Would I recommend? yes for the massage, no for anything else and no for the VFM.  Oh well, one off the to do list.

3 review(s) found for Ariana Thai linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Now thats a blast from the past !!
(Rather like a fart, one you wouldnt want to remember)

Years ago I booked her for an hour incall in Bayswater/Park Royal I think

Boring, unimaginative, crappy owo, avoided eye contact

The 'agency star' heading on her AW page is a joke
She was discussed on the boards of that other forum with the glorified pimp moderator who calls himself 'Galaprick' ? or 'Cuntahad', I forget which, but even on there among the asian fanciers, myself included, she was regarded as a damp squib

she's one of those girls who after taking your money and delivering very little, makes you wonder why you punt at all, and then after a subsequent jaunt with a top girl you realise exactly why it is that you punt again !!!

Best avoided this one

I wouldnt touch her with a barge pole
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 Thai girl  , listed as size 10  =   avoid   as Bill says

Offline Andyply

Tiffany from various agencies apparently - almost visited glad I didn't.

I spoke to her about arranging a meeting but her phone manner was so poor and indifferent that I did not go ahead. Gut feeling told me it would be no good and seems like I dodged a bullet and saved myself some money!

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