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Author Topic: Shanghai Therapy Massage, Aldershot  (Read 2576 times)

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Decided to TOFTT and visit this place this morning.
Wasn't gonna get rinsed like last time so set a budget of £65.
Walked in (it's between the pedestrian precinct and the cinema complex so chances are the road could be busy at times). Greeted warmly by two ladies, one maybe mid 20's, short and carrying some extra weight the other older, mid to late 40's but quite stunning with large breasts for an asian lady.
Asked for a 30min massage was led to the room and told was £30. The room was a little small but bigger than at Elements if i recall right.
The older lady came in to join me once I was on the table. Good English and communication a good massage for 10mins or so when she adked me about extras. I said yes but was clear I only had £30 today.
She offered body to body, £30. Bargain.
She stripped off to her knickers and kept rubbing my back and my butt rubbing inbetween the cheeks and touching my balls.
She asked me if I wanted rubbing 'in', I agreed.
She slipped of the table and rubbed me and let me touch her ass and rub between her legs I flipped over and she started on the old boy letting me touch her breasts and body. She also sucked my nipples which was nice.
She didn't rush, no 'pump and dump' from her side but ahe was very good, making appretiative noises which, while not clearly faked might have been Well Rehearsed.
She had a little sag around the tummy but all in all a pretty good body.
Next time (if she's still there) I'll spring for an hour and have a bit more for the full service.
She did kiss but she had me pegged as a smoker so her lips were locked the whole time. The room was a little cooler than I'd like but not cold and she was pretty warm herself. The street could be heard dimly from the room and I don't know who'd use the shower as it is in full ciew of the door.

Good attitude/communication
Unhurried service
Good massage
Good Value for money (In my opinion)

Area could be busy at times
Parlour was a little cold
Ambient noise from the street

All in all a good experience, will go back for a follow up.

Offline bokkie

Thanks for that, been considering it myself.
Was FS definitely on the menu, any idea of cost?
How about oral? Did she keep her knickers on the whole time?

Knickers on, not sure about FS or Oral, maybe with with a bit more wad. Certainly a good attitude and very handsy both before and after. Didn't put her clothes back on until i was so good signs there.

Thanks for the review Reggy, I will give this one a visit.
The older lady you saw sounds like my cup of tea.
I've not been offered a choice of ladies at these places and my understanding is that they change every (approx) 2 weeks.
Were you offered a choice and any idea if the girls are temporary or permanent?

I did ask if she was there every week and she seemed to be saying yes.Her English was pretty good but there were occasions when it was tough to make out, this being one of them.
I was offered 4-hand at the beginning, I'm thinking the more experienced lady gets choice of customer rather than the other way around.

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