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Author Topic: asianmassagebakerstreet.co.uk (Baker Street)  (Read 803 times)

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Offline Laro

Hmmm. Not sure where to begin on this one. It was fundementally a shit strange punt but the girl was smoking hot. I originally set out for a massage thinking it might be decent and being too tired for a fuck.  I agreed a price of 100 ph for an outcall to  my apartment in Marylebone about 5 minutes away from the agency. The girl arrived as per instructions; was very quiet when entering. Now im an young guy, during my time here (4 weeks till i graduate..fuck yeah) ive always wanted to fuck a Chinese girl..this one just happened to be very very cute, she a wore a classy red jacket with black stockings. She entered, i paid..awesome. Clothes came off to reveal a huge pair of tits like fuck me wow on a 5'6 petite girl they were perfect. She also called me handsome (ty israeli arab genes) which was nice. Now to be blunt the massage was fairly shit, i had that hot rock thing i see on tv in my mind or a lady destroying my back with karate chops and other crap. None of that forthcoming. Then it took a slight change for the peculiar but expected in hindsight..turns out sex was on offer for 50 or so more. I didnt have any money so she said bank transfer?  :scare: :scare: :scare: obviously i made one excuse or another to say no because what fucking idiot would give there actual real name and address out. So we comprimised and she have me a handjob..i finished myself off :thumbsdown: while she was calling my her husband, lover, how i was going to put babies in her etc all very crazy shit. Now the money thing was a shame because despite her being a nutcase i truly wanted fuck her crazy but alas was not to be. She talked about how i was in my mom for about 10 months  :crazy: and how i should like her more than my dad..got called very handsome again which was  :yahoo:. Not sure if i would return, I think her name was Annie, 22 (same age as me) probably will at some point. But If you're looking for a massage probably not the right place, if your looking for a fuck..probably not the right place either but Marylebone is complete shit for punting so relatively ok. Great if you want your ego massaged and not so great for your knob.

Online mrhappypants

Thanks...erm, Annie's picture does not appear to be on this website as far as I can see?  Can you give more information about how you  set up the "punt" please - did you book "blind"?

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 Not difficult to see this is a B/S website . You will never meet any of the girls in the gallery . Better to leave it alone and not encourage these Chinese scammers  ,

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