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Author Topic: Lucy Divine  (Read 5902 times)

Offline thickerdicker

 :hi:  She is a nice dark/curvy wg & pornstar! Anyone had the pleasure of her! Had my eye on her as she got a nice shape and fat where it matters! Theres no reviews on her anywhere except her profile page at adultwork! May be down in Portmouth this weekend  so am interested,maybe she come back to London /Se area soon too!

Offline yumyum3

Thanks for the link. It is your money but I wouldn't go near her because she's much too expensive. She can do her A level and shove that £200 right up her arse  :sarcastic:
If  you do go and spend the money I'd be interested to read a report  :)

Offline Stiltskin

£200 for an hour! She used to be a LOT cheaper before she started doing the porn. Even then I wasn't interested, not really my type.

Offline thickerdicker

Well,yeah she is expensive but dark ones are harder to find with curves? They always seem to be blonde!  :unknown:

Offline CoolTiger

Read up her blog..... The Local paper ran a front page headline on this WG!!

Offline Aldaman

And actually 3years older than it says it on her profile and a pot head as well

Offline thickerdicker

damn she been in London and forgot about it! Hope she is back soon as she has quite a phat ass! :sarcastic: Built for pleasure .... :dance:

Offline thickerdicker

So she is not in Prison and wandering wether she will continue as well as her porn job! Its all pathetic really,legalise it and tax it and let some people earn a decent living from it! They all want you married off happily, you see those Tory church goer's want you to be miserable like them and turn into aload of lovely old dears! :sarcastic:

Her undoing  was bei ng greedy it seems with xtra flats/girls then she got to carried away with expansion!  Wandering wether they will be reading all her emails she has sent/recieved on adultwork? I assume they impounded her laptop?

Offline thickerdicker

 :cry:  She must be feeling like this actually after reading the article! 13/14 k stuffed in a purse and fines..... :thumbsdown:

I feel sorry for her all that money she earnt for laying on her back and what with porn shoots to loose it all under law! Does she loose the money? I would assume so as they do that for dugs all "assets seized"! So why don't they do that for fraud then too! Wonder why, half of them have their hands in the trough! :thumbsdown:!  Wonder how many Judges are punters...ever see that film "Personal services" Police and law all in on it!  :thumbsdown:

Offline Dani

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I feel sorry for her all that money she earnt for laying on her back and what with porn shoots to loose it all under law! Does she loose the money?
Ah but she did not earn that mony laying on her back she earnt it by getting other girls to lay on their backs and taking a cut of what they earnt.  Under POCA she will lose that money and probably anyy property she owns as well.  Yes it is a silly law to not allow brothels but it is illegal and if you break the law you have to expect to get punished if caught.
I agree brothels should be legal BUT how can anyone know if the girls were working voluntary or not as generally girls who are pimped tend to be too afraid to speak out and would just say they did it voluntarily even if they were not

Offline Essex3

She has done a reply back on her AW blog on the daily mail exposure of her. Good read lol.

Offline codebreaker

LOL that blog is hilarious. Another delusional, self obsessed, money grabbiing whore, playing the sympathy game. Deserves everything that has happened to her!

Offline Jimmyredcab

She brought about her own downfall, one word sums it up ------------------ GREED

Owning/running a brothel is illegal, she should have stuck to being a pro$$ie.    ;)

No sympathy from me. 

Offline thickerdicker

 :unknown: i am thinking of giving her a punt though very weary of her phone being monitored dur to her recent day in court? Would they monitor people making a booking as i read recently they are now trying to do the punter not the escort/call girl! i know with street wg's they do this now...the punter gets prosecuted not the WG?>   Is it wise to use PAYASUGO THAN YOUR OWN LINE?

Offline The_Don

She now back in London, no doubt using old photos


A google image search, of her name bring up this on the first line:

Would would think she could pay, (some one with better) photo shop skills or invest time in training  :unknown:

But she may be small fry compared to:

Sharon Moir (back in 2008)



and she had benefited by £729,227.2p.

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