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Author Topic: Alaina & Laura: Hot Collection: South Kensington: Outstanding GFE  (Read 921 times)

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After a disastrous punt yesterday I needed a quick fix of awesome service from a couple of gorgeous girls to take the pain away and restore my faith in the game.

Messaged my top 3 from the AW hotlist last night, one read it, the other two didn’t, why are they even in this business?

I called my favourite agency receptionist and we went through the menu of the best available duos; Kayah & Skali – seen them, Charlotte & Zuza – seen them, Brianna and Aiva – look great but services a bit vanilla, Jasmine & Livette – seen Jasmine before, all services on offer but head brain saying Livette might be less attractive in the flesh, Vanessa & Nellie – Vanessa looks great, Nellie pretty gruesome in the photos, in the flesh might be worse than yesterday and I’ll never recover.

I spot Laura, she looks gorgeous, madame receptionist knows what I want, organizes a duo with Alaina who needs to travel to Laura’s place and we agree the time and place.

The photos are obviously heavily photoshopped and I have a slight moment of doubt but I carry on regardless.

Listed services includes my requirements, OWO, CIM, CIF, GFE, 90 minutes £600.

They both have good reviews on the agency website but we all know what they are worth, if Eleonora, a munter of the highest order gets a positive there are either deluded punters with very low expectations or the agency write some of them.

The girls:
Alaina, Russian, 23, 5’7” size 8, brown hair, brown eyes, 34C-24-34 natural, tits not as full as the photos, superb arse, firm and round, pale skin, her body is great but bless her she has a face only a mother could love, a bit like the latest version of Cher’s face but melted a bit.

Laura, Russian, 23, 5’6”, size 8, dirty blonde, brown eyes, lightly tanned soft kin, great arse, big falsies, softish to the touch with a hint of hardness, if I was to be critical they fall at odd angles in certain positions but when aroused her nipples stand proud and they look magnificent most of the time. Facially she reminded me of Shakira, not as plastic as the pictures, she is a head turner, there would be a load of fellas around her in a club.

The place:
Nell Gwynne House in Sloane Avenue, not ten floors of whores and in my opinion much better, I’ve never had a bad punt here and it feels much more upmarket than the cloisters, the other major advantage has been every room I’ve punted in there has had mirrors.

It was a studio, pretty well appointed, pretty clean with a living room/kitchen with a bed in an alcove behind sliding doors and opposite the bottom of the bed on the wall in the main room was a large mirror, bathroom fit for purpose with proper shower.

The reality and the action:
I thought about cutting the meeting to an hour but thought fuck it, Laura is smoking hot and if I keep Alaina’s head occupied her body is banging, so I volunteered the cash and opened a bottle.

I sat in the middle of the sofa, a girl on either side, they wore dresses and lingerie, we chatted, they exuded the typical Russian mildly sardonic laidbackness, we drank, kissed, we stroked and no clothes came off and 10 minutes elapsed, my cock was bulging in my pants, they stroked it and I worried they were wasting time, I was proved wrong later.

It wasn’t pants round my ankles and cock in a greedy mouth within two minutes of getting in the place, it was a slow build up and by now I was more than ready.

The next bit might get a bit Barbara Cartland, be warned but it’s a description of what it felt like so bear with me.

We undressed in a mess of fondling, kissing, licking and sucking and retired to the bed where [after spraying my cock with a disinfectant thing, I hadn’t showered since arriving], Alaina proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs ever, it wasn’t throat gaggingly deep or drool covered intense, it was just delicious, just the right amount of suction, tongue, hand and finger pressure, with full attention to cock, balls and gooch. As she was sucking I was kissing Laura, she was kissing and caressing me back, slowly, deeply, seductively, lots of eye contact from both girls until I could hold back no longer and shot my wad into Alaina’s mouth. She went off to get rid.

We chatted and drank some more, laughed a bit at my very basic grasp of Russian until Alaina who by this stage was best mates with my cock, started sucking again and got me back to full mast, I looked at Laura and said “Shakira, get down there and share please” she did and I watched in the mirror as they shared me from waist to thigh and all points in between, the sight of their arses in the air, pussies on display and mouths on me got me harder than the Brexit decision so I asked who first.

Laura volunteered, rolled on a condom and mounted me in cowgirl, we fucked, slowly, deeply and gently, intensely and built up a rhythm that had her moaning to a neck-flushing orgasm.

She got off, the disinfectant came out again, new condom applied and Alaina got on, we fucked in cowgirl and doggy, the view in the mirror as I thrust into her from behind as she was positioned laterally across the bed and I kissed and grabbed Laura’s tits was fucking brilliant, I pulled out, tore of the jonny and emptied into Alaina’s mouth.

At this stage we were around an hour and ten minutes in, Laura suggested I clean up which I did and returned to find them both naked and face down on the bed, I kissed and stroked there bodies, they turned over and I flopped down in between them, an arm round each, like a boss. We kissed some more, they got me hard again and after double headed attention followed by Alaina solo sucking while I kissed Laura, Alaina took a well earned break, her neck was sore, she had performed doggedly and I was led to the end of the bed where Laura knelt and received a hands free face fucking while I watched in the mirror and briefly noticed the construction workers at ground level opposite, laughed out loud at our very different levels of enjoyment at that moment and fired into her open mouth, marvellous.

She organized the shower for me, I cleaned up and dressed as we chatted some more.

I left nearly twenty five minutes over time having spent an awesome nearly two hours with two great girls with superb attitudes, shot three loads, not been anywhere near their pussies with anything other than my cock and thoroughly enjoyed the illusion of a real girl friend experience, no mechanical bullshit, no rush. Thank fuck for my mate the receptionist, yesterday is expunged, onward and upward.
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Offline Paolo dw

I think HC must have a Blowjob school because Rubina who i saw via HC was the best BJ i have ever had also.
Glad you got to put yesterday behind you. Expensive week yoi're having!

I think HC must have a Blowjob school because Rubina who i saw via HC was the best BJ i have ever had also.
Glad you got to put yesterday behind you. Expensive week yoi're having!

If they want a tester I'm up for it Paolo, maybe I should ask....

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