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Author Topic: The Real Sophie James Harrogate  (Read 1576 times)

4 review(s) for TheRealSophieJames (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2962214 or https://www.adultwork.com/TheRealSophieJames

I am new to UKP, but not that new to having the odd punt,  so thought I would post a review before anything else.
I have been wanting to see Sophie for a while and had a couple of abortive attempts to secure a meeting - I cancelled once and she was busy on two or three other occasions.
Have found texting her helps and on this occasion I texted to ask, she replied and we fixed up a meet that day. She gave me a postcode and suggested where to park (generic car park). I called when I had parked and was directed to her property.

Almost certainly where she lives, she met me by the back door looking a little disheveled and putting her bins out. Small flat, quite untidy and has the feel of student accommodation. She has a small dog who she clearly adores and who was in the room while the punt was going on.

The Girl
Sophie describes herself as a 16 and I would say that is about right. She is not fat but no skinny lady either. Facially very attractive, extremely well spoken, very chatty and has a sunny disposition. Large breasts with a pierced nipple. I found her to be an attractive girl - early 20's.

The Meet
Kissing, groping at first - brief pause for the paperwork - £80 for 30 mins. No shower offered and didn't feel it would be either. She took the lead and undressed me while keeping a summer dress on herself. Straight into OWO which she performed with skill and varied technique. She was well up for making this round 1 and CIM was on the menu.
Clean up and a chat  - she is very chatty! She was back into the action getting me ready for rd 2. On with the cover and into CG, followed by mish then doggy. I struggle with firing twice but she was determined to give it a go. More OWO did the job. She was very much in charge, which suits me and she read my mood well.
Cleaned up, dressed, more chatting and on my merry way.

In Summary
Lovely girl, attractive face, very natural in character and physically. Think she is up for more than I partook of. Extremely enthusiastic.
On this occasion her comms were great but I have experienced poor comms in the past. Her flat could do with a clean and tidy! Dog was a bit too close for comfort during the action.

4 review(s) found for TheRealSophieJames linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline BP96

Poor comms
Messy flat
No shower
Almost some real "Doggy" action

She must have been a really good fuck to still get a positive?

On this occasion her comms were good - she got a positive as I enjoyed the punt and would return. In my review I have tried to be honest in all aspects. If you can overlook a slightly scruffy flat and get her to leave the dog in the kitchen then the sex is great, which in my view is better than an immaculate flat and crap sex. She is intelligent too and I like that in a girl.
Sure, not for everyone - I don't like skinny girls with big fake boobs and lots of makeup so Sophie ticked my boxes physically - being the opposite of that.

Offline stevedave

It's the reviewers prerogative whether to label it positive/neutral/negative etc; he was there and was obviously happy enough with the service to call it as a positive, and fair enough  :thumbsup:

Offline Tallboy2

I've been wanting to see Sophie ever since I started punting last year. The other review of her (on here) is from me. She let me down big time as I'd driven 45 mins only to get a text she was tired and didn't want to see me.
After this positive I may try again. I agree with SteveDave- your punt and up to you how you rate it. I too don't mind if it's messy so long as the girl is clean.
She don't come cheap though with the added 'Harrogate' tax!

Offline Tallboy2

Was her kissing proper DFK?

very enthusiastic DFK with nibbling too. If you do book her then my experience is leave it to the day and text her to arrange.

Offline Tallboy2

very enthusiastic DFK with nibbling too. If you do book her then my experience is leave it to the day and text her to arrange.
Thanks MG

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