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Author Topic: Sweet Julia XXX - Baker Street - enjoys = extras  (Read 467 times)

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Offline bgates

I saw Julia last week as I had an ich that needed to be scratched. Any sent her a txt and she replied back to say she was free. She works out of a basement flat on a street very close to Baker
Street station that is notorious for punting. Julia let me in and the first thing I noticed was how tall she was in her heels. She does look exactly like her pictures which was good. Handed over the cash for 30 minutes and popped to the bathroom to freshen up. Came back in and Julia was on the bed nacked so I joined her and started to kiss her breasts. I started on her breasts because I realised from the body language that kissing on the lips was not going to happen. I then started to make my way down to perform RO at which point she said that was extra! I have never had a girl say that RO was extra before so I said that it was not listed on her page as extra which she then said that everything in the enjoys list was extra. I just rolled my eyes and she said would I like a massage. I asked if that was extra but the sarcasm was wasted on her. I said no and asked if I could get a blow job which I expect to go covered. She grabbed a condom and starting sucking and to be fair she was pretty good. I then said I wanted sex so she got on her back and we tried this but to be honest I was now bit in the mood. She even asked why I looked stressed! I was not stressed I was angry. Anyway carries on for a bit longer and finished up then showered and left.

https://www.adultwork.com/3537075 or https://www.adultwork.com/SWEET+JULIA+XXX

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