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Author Topic: Hot Honey Bunny  (Read 489 times)

Any reviews on Hot Honey Bunny Milton Keynes - Suggestion for a first time punt would be helpful - thanks

Tried the search but got no results ! by the by would you suggest first time punt independent or agency ?

Offline Malvolio

You're better off posting in your regional forum for suggestions of who to punt - but give an indication of what you're after.

I'd suggest independent over agency as this means there's a chance a pimp won't be getting his hands on your cash.

Offline Louise 100% British

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Honey is independent.
She stayed at my flat last week.
Good English, nice lady.
And photos are definitely of her.

Obviously can't comment on her service, but definitely no pimp involved with her.
Better English than a lot of ladies I have met.
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