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Author Topic: Mia Khalifa lookalike ?  (Read 1066 times)

Offline looping37

Just came across this incredibly hot porn star... I'll let you Google for her videos if you don't know her, it's worth it.

Have you met any WG looking like her ?

Brunette with asian/indian traits, slim, huge firm (apparently fake) tits, glasses, infectious smile and eagerness for cock...

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Online Bassman

I don't think hers are natural.

Her face is her worst part. It's not major bad but from some angles is looks unappealing. As for a lookalike, good luck with your search. I can't think of one I've seen. If you find anything let us know.

Offline handyandy

For those who haven't a clue what she looks like here's a pic, not the best pic but the only one i could find that didn't have a cock or two in it.

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There should be a thread for pornstar look-alikes. Kendra Lust, Mia Khalifa, Ava Addams, Riley Reid...

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