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Author Topic: Jassmyn Aberdeen  (Read 481 times)

5 review(s) for Jassmyn . (0 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I'm still swithering over negative or neutral for this one


but will wait till I get to the end

So half hour booking in the granite city for £70 - first option had booked the wrong hotel, second wasnt answering, you get the gist, one of those nights trying to read the small print on AW on your phone in a petrol station on the outskirts of town.

Anyways after a bit of a haggle over timing Jassmyn agreed to see me straight away

Flat was very nice, in the west end (nice part of town), good parking, a bit over heated for me but hell I'm from the heelands and she is from the Med so she thinks its freezing

When I walked through the door I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - absolutely stunning young woman, totally 100% my type.  Petite with pert tits, great ass, black hair, olive skin and shiny blue eyes.  She is Romanian and is the finest of lookers in this genre, way better than her profile pictures.  She is also very good to talk to, just lovely really, and instantly upped it to the hour for £120

and then to business

I dont take the massage as usual, I'm there for sex after all, so no idea if it was any good or not

no kissing despite likes list (FK advertised).  This is a big thing for me, it just feels kinda mechanical without

Covered blow job (OWO advertised) and to be honest not very good despite the prettiest face ever looking up at me with my knob in her mouth

allowed oral on herself but instantly cleaned afterwards with wipes, which makes you feel a bit y'know. dirty.

Fucking started pretty good and she does fuck you right back with good eye contact, and was very good at whispering the right things in my ear,

but had this really off-putting habit of holding onto my cock at the base whilst doing it.  Apparently because it was' soo big' - nice of her to say so but I dont think that is true and more likely to prevent any possibility of any uncovered cock to fanny contact whatsoever.

I normally like to finish CIM unless the penetrative sex is amazing, just because I don't really like cumming in a rubber bag, but no prospect of this (though advertised on the likes list of course)

So persevered with mish (in the end a bit offputting with the hand on your cock technique) then cowgirl until finally popped after a long time on doggy style - excessive heat and lengthy period of exertion meant I defo needed a shower afterwards, and everything there for that.  I was probably over time by then but she didnt seem too concerned.

In summary, like a lot of Romanian girls she lists everything on AW, but in reality is quite prudish.  If i had known what to expect I would have still gone for it because she is so stunning (it's very rare to get UK girls that look as good as that), and I'd got it in my head that I had to punt that night despite my booking falling through, and thin pickings in Aberdeen which is in the middle of an oil recession as far as I can figure out.  I just wouldnt have been so disappointed with the lack of DFK and OWO, would have gone for the half hour only and got down to business a lot more quickly.

I talked to her about her 'likes' list a wee bit, and she did not know what 'hard sports' for instance were and looked horrified (i'm not sure she even believed me!).  I just wish she'd just only put down what she did and then we'd all know where we stand.  Looking at her profile it is still the same so obviously her pimp's tactics remain the same

on reflection a neutral because I would probably go back in similar circumstances, but only because I am a total sucker for beautiful women

5 review(s) found for Jassmyn . linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline godwulf7

Sorry to hear it did not go well.  I was planning a visit, but saw the less-than-glowing reviews on here and AW and decided not to try.  She does look gorgeous too, but too many petty frustrations just cancel that out! 

your experience directly chimes with mine - she's very pretty but vanilla and restrictive.
I would say a neutral review is about right
I haven't been back, if she did OWO I might
thanks for posting
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