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Author Topic: Lucy hot and sexy sheffield aka Spanish vanessa / Spanish Lucy??  (Read 605 times)

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Buoyed by positive feedback on the forum and recent success with a viva street ad I thought I'd give it a punt.

Comms pretty prompt. Asked to pull up near a trades type shop on a busy main road Malin Bridge.

Thinking I'd be heading into an apartment near the shop I waited to meet her as agreed. Then a bit of a call and a wave from across the road in the doorway of a terrace. How I wish I'd turned back then. But spurred on by the positive comments...

Greeted by a girl looking seriously hungover and ushered through past sleeping friend looking more attractive (serene rather than hungover). Lucy by turns looked unkempt, no make up and possibly not much hint of a wash etc. I asked had she had a busy night and no sleep but she avoided the question as she went to "get ready":

 - wipe her vag with a Kleenex?  :unknown:

as she left me in her squalid dump of a bedroom.

Not that I'm totally immune to the charm of such settings if you've read my review of sexyhotbrunette where the service both complimented and transcended the setting thanks to the frank, friendliness of the service. No such niceties here.

 :dash: stupidly in the room I requested an hour after intitially expressing a taste of half an hour by phone. She asked for 110 though I corrected her on the rates she had advertised and that was the moment I should have just walked as I would out of a restaurant that was trying to add more on to the bill.  :dash: I gave her the 100 and it was accepted. Bad move by me.

Sadly this restaurant came with recommendations that had whet my appetite sufficiently and I rationalised against my better instincts - this Is going to be a filthy kebab experience then - go with the the flow.  :rolleyes:

She disrobed the t shirt she'd been sleeping in by looks of it revealing a fit heavily tattooed body. On the skinny side for me but enough to get my pecker ticking over.

Now clearly this girl had gotten out of bed the wrong side to take a booking she was not bothered about taking judging by the comments elsewhere.

She was quick to put a condom on me without my member being in a sufficient state  :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: I made this point to her but she gave reassurance as began to administer oral in the most perfunctory of fashions.

"You know what you are doing" was my comment and again thought well let's just go with the flow.  :rolleyes:

Looking at her body I got somewhat aroused, looking at her hungover, spotty crumpled (albeit young) face and limp hair just gave my pecker the same lustre.  :( :( :(

She commented on this with an almost critical tone which I didn't take personally but as a paying customer who had already expressed my readiness levels I thought that's a fuckin cheek.

To rescue the punt I then suggested massage as had an hour booked and worth noting nothing forthcoming from her. But fuck me  :dash: :dash:

The massage as rendered as if she was wiping down her kitchen table after a shit microwaved meal. (Got me dining metaphor back in there  :hi:)

And that's where I'll end this sorry tale -


just got out of there with her giving it this is first time it's happened.

And perhaps partly to prove myself it wasn't down to my equipment I popped out for an honest pot noodle at Dolly's (city sauna owned) just down the road. A proper service, no major thrills but a decent pot noodle with sausage a plenty.  :thumbsup:

 :thumbsdown: So from Spanish Lucy that lessons learnt - if this girl really does offer a service then mid day (perhaps it's a Spanish thing?) is evidently not the time to see her or never at all in my book. She balked at my suggestion there was a service in progress.    :(

Not bitter about the experience - part of the rich tapestry of learning about the world and trusting and acting on your instincts every time. If there's the slightest doubt - walk.

AND THE OTHER BEING - after lurking for while I'm glad to be posting reviews to help  see a service in more dimensions and appreciative of others who are up for doing the same.

 :angelgirl: Is that me being Prince Pious of Pissy Pants?

It probably funffing well is  :cool:

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Offline mrfishyfoo

OMFG fella  :dash: :dash: :dash:.

I have to hand it to you ....... glorious in defeat  :drinks:.

It really is a great review of an absolutely shocking punt  :scare: :scare:.

I'll definitely be avoiding her on my next visit, great review and a good lesson. Luckily I've never had that happen to me, mostly due to this site.

As you seem to be punting for England at the moment shall we start a toftt list for you.  :D

Cheers fellas.

Dorset -  you are right I've been a bit on a mission.  :wacko:

I'll send you my hotlist and allow you to work your way through it for me   :crazy:

...expect to be slowing it down a bit now!

Offline stevedave

Haha, I'm laughing at the comedy in the review, not the experience itself! That was a good read of what sounds like a pretty shitty ordeal.

Just one question - why oh why oh why did you plump for the hour when you'd already agreed a half hour?!  :dash:

Fair play to you for getting up and pissing off though. Just a shame she had too many of your reddies already

Why oh why oh why, indeed Dave.  :unknown:

I took 100 quid with me thinking if it was good I might go for a top up after going all fluffy on my last punt!  :wackogirl: :wackogirl:

I suppose I was playing to a script that defied the reality that was clearly unfolding.

Even being hailed in from across the busy road -  Jizzuz Wept  :dash: :dash:

Offline Ade65


That's really bad; I had a good time with her, but sounds like it was really bad for you.

Glad you managed to get a good time elsewhere mate.

Even though I responded to the ad as posted it looks like this girl was who I actually saw


2 girls are definitely working from that same place. And it doesn't look the same as the other kink or is it????

Anyway maybe the first last mentioned is all right after all????

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