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Author Topic: Freebies - Anyone actually had one?  (Read 1260 times)

Offline AnthG

Given that people often say people are doing things just to obtain a freebie. I am curious has anyone actually had a freebie before and if so what were the circumstances surrounding how it happened?

Only in that twice on dif occasions that the WG on an overnight and an incall I was surprised with MFF rather than MF :D

Both were v nice

Offline NIK

Once ever by way of compensation for the diobolical Manchester Incalls two girl rip off. At least he honoured his promise, although the punt itself was average.

Offline yumyum3

Loads  :D but none with a pros - only much extra time with a regular when she gets the wine out and we talk too  :)

Yeah, Same deal as the presidents it was an outcall i'd seen her before she thought i was "super cool" and apparently her and a mate had had a bit of a scare with a client so didn't want to work alone.

I was rather confused as we'd seen each other before and she knew i wasn't a threat, what was i gonna do?   But her mate just had to come along and meet me :) incidently her mate worked in the care industry and started saying "imagine if i was your carer". I smiled politely and said you have to keep business and pleasure separate.   


Offline dajay3k

There was a girl who worked in a house in leyton, then lea bridge road, then walthamstow went by the name of tina / maya. Hungatran about 5'2 very pette Nd beautiful.

It was 40 for the half hour and I asked her if she could do 15 minutes for £20 to which she agreed.

I saw her loads after that on average once a week- sometimes more.

No punt was ever 15 minutes I always used to stay have a smoke a beer a chat. Took her chocolates a few imes as well.

One day just before xmas I took her a card went and had good sex, OWO and CIM , went to leave and she just hugged me and went all shy and refused to take payment.

Her profile is still on AW but she is apparently on holiday.

Am quite upset as didn't see her again after that! :(

Quote:  There was a girl who worked in a house in leyton, then lea bridge road, then walthamstow went by the name of tina / maya.

I'd like to see this lady's Profile, could you let me have her AW link please.

Offline aardvark

Yes, with a girl I had seen once before. I had given her some advice in a different professional sphere and we had exchanged a few texts. In the middle of a text exchange one night, she said she was really horny and asked me to go and fuck her. It was a 45 minute drive, but I hopped in the car and went and did her bidding. I saw her a couple of times after that - always more than the hour I had paid for, but her profile disappeared from AW a while ago and although I have her number, I haven't been back in touch.

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