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Author Topic: teen girl chloe kings cross  (Read 705 times)

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Price paid £100 an hour - location seems to be full of knocking shops from the noises I heard.

Positives: couldn't find any

Negatives: I booked "horny neena" who I had seen before and had an excellent, excellent time with - properly raunchy kissing and into the sex, let me fuck her hard and gave an amazing blowjob. She's hot in a slutty tattoo/essex porn star look kind of way.

Consequently when the door opened, I was massively disappointed and didn't find chloe attractive (each to their own). The services felt very mechanical in comparison to neena, I just went through with it - wish I had saved the money in hindsight.

Maybe she is good, I don't know I think having been switched girls  on, I wasn't going to enjoy it. The irony is I only met neena because they switched her with someone else I booked, but was very pleasantly surprised.

Neenas profile gone - so no link, but she's on the same pictures as they offer a duo.
Banning reason: Posting trash review to troll + Multiple accounts (SP1990)

5 review(s) found for PORNSTARjessica linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

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