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Author Topic: Linda Jones or "Mistress LJ" - online dominatrix sold her client data  (Read 733 times)


UK surgeon has online relationship with Linda Jones or Mistress LJ of Blackburn, tells her he is a surgeon.
Sends her pictures from an empty operating theatre wearing nondescript scubs. Mostly harmless body writing, one of a chastity belt on his bits (dramatically being dubbed a "genital torture device" by the paper)
Mistress LJ upon seeing the pictures apparently realizes he is in fact a surgeon and not a fantasist as she suspected.
Horrified that a person may be allowed to have sexual interests outside of his stressful job and concerned about the non-existent risk to hygiene, she contacts his employers and sells her story to the newspapers.


Posting in the unlikely event anyone here had an interaction with her.

Offline cognito

What is wrong with doctors? They are supposed to be intelligent people but this is the second one in the last few months getting into trouble for thinking with his dick.

I am not usually one to denigrate working girls or wish something bad on anyone but I hope that the horrible woman who shopped him in dies a very painful death and everyone in the medical profession refuse to help her in anyway.

That's not on. So this guy, someone with actual job skills that saves peoples lives has to have his life ruined by this scumbag just because he has a certain sexual fantasy.

I'd bet anything you like that parliament, hospitals, police stations and churches have more than their fare share of kinky interests - but guess what? That's ok. As long as it's in their private life and harms no one who cares?

Hope this bitch gets some comeback.

Offline DannyJames

I don't know the specifics of the 'revenge porn' law, but I hope this cunt is able to be prosecuted under it.

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