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Author Topic: A little feather/Mia Reading  (Read 1204 times)

9 review(s) for a little feather (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


£70 for 30 minute incall

Comms: - Good.  I was looking for GFE and especially DFK, and confirmed this was on offer on the phone.  She immediately texted the postcode and where to park, and asked me for a confirmation text an hour before the meet.

Venue:  A terraced house ~5-10 minutes walk from West Reading station.  Plenty of parking (2 hours between 8am and 8pm in a parking permit area).  Not sure where one would park outside these hours.  On arrival she texted her house number.  Small bedroom with double bed, sufficient for the purpose, and the room was plenty light enough to see what we were doing.  She played music to mask the sounds we were making because of neighbours.  After a couple of minutes I really didn't notice the music

Mia greeted me.  She looked like a girl next-door wearing her normal clothes - an everyday dress and no obvious signs of make-up.  I much prefer this to tarty make-up, heels and stockings.  She is very slim and if I had to guess her age I would have suggested 27-33, and fairly attractive but no means a stunner.  Once we'd done the finances she greeted me with a proper French Kiss and kept kissing while we removed our clothes, to reveal a slim girl, flat stomach, and ,lovely small boobs, just as I like them.  This soon got me rock-hard and I knew it was going to be a good session..  Her profile says she smokes socially.  I would never have guessed.  No sign of smoky smell anywhere, and no smoky taste in her mouth.

Onto the bed and on with a condom for oral - Mia does not offer OWO which I know is a deal-breaker for some.  This was good, and medium-deep, and she soon wanted to change, so I fingered her (one finger) and licked her pussy.  She said she doesn't really like fingering, and I got the impression her clit is very sensitive.

I suggested we start with her on top, so she used her saliva as lube and climbed aboard.  I asked her to be slow and gentle, so I could savour it and not cum too quickly.  This was great.  Throughout this she was bending down for DFK, including her tongue down my throat.  She only stopped when I moved away to suck her boobs - and she started tonguing my ear!

After ~10 minutes I flipped her on her back and put her legs over my shoulders and slipped to her tight pussy again.  And once more our mouths were locked in DFK.  I pumped harder and faster till I came - mouths locked together.

After cleaning up we got dressed while having a pleasant chat.  Her English is very good and she's more intelligent than many, she said she'd been here for ~8 years.  Mia said how much she likes her job, which is very apparent.  For me it's very important that the girl likes her work, and she knows what she likes - and she started DFKing again.  At no time did I feel rushed, and I didn't see any sign of a clock/timer, and I'd had the full half-hour.  I'll definitely return next time I want a DFK session.

Excellent and prolongued Deep FK
Great slow and sensual sex - as I wanted it
Cracking god body for lovers of slim/petite brunettes
Good eye contact
Speaks good English 

Girl-next door, not a stunner.
Not glammed up (a positive for me, a negative for some)

No OWO - her profile is accurate on this
Room a bit on the small side
Accepts but doesn't really like  fingering

9 review(s) found for a little feather linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for this.
You did well to get her to allow fingering and, as you say, she doesn't like receiving oral.

Her clit is particularly sensitive and RO is a total no-go if she's had a busy day - and says it's like getting an electric shock.

All that and no OWO plus a tendency to say silly things has put me off her, but she does DFK and glad you enjoyed.

Offline ness4

She is really sensitive to oral but loves it if you get her on all fours and rim her. The only down side being she doesn't do anal too!

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