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Author Topic: Governess Elizabeth, London W2 (Paddington)  (Read 1034 times)

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This was a double-session with her assistant known as "Victoria", for 45 minutes, on Wednesday 11th May at 7pm.

It was arranged after an exchange of messages on A/W, with me having found her profile on one of Seamed Stockings' feedbacks there. He had visited her twice, with positive feedback.

The messaging exchange went fairly well, and I had mentioned him as the reason I was booking and saying I wanted pretty much the same but with a few small differences, and we set out a "scene" based in a school (as he had done) but I played the part of a gym instructor who had gone a bit too far (thus a bit pervy) and needed a good kicking.

The place was easy to find, they were fine about me arriving a few minutes early, and both were dressed reasonably as had been asked. The room was a bit smaller than I had expected but was adequate. Victoria was wearing a sort-of school uniform with converse-style black shoes. Elizabeth was wearing high-heel shoes with big platforms. I changed into gym-wear, primarily thin shorts.

All good so far. But then we started acting out the scene, and it seemed they (in particular Elizabeth) didn't quite comprehend what I had asked for. I was expecting to get kicked in the balls. Now "kicked" means with the shoes. Not fists, not knees but shoes. When I was "resisting" and blocking as they tried punching me in that area, she said they were "warming me up". So I let them warm me up whilst I had my back to the wall and Victoria did kick me a few times, mostly with the soles of her shoes. I was on the ground at some point when she threatened to jump on me but never actually did it.

After a period of time they made me undress fully which I didn't want to do. And then I got to lie on the bed whilst they "hardened me". Victoria was massaging me with her shoes. During the whole session, it was mostly Victoria kicking me, Elizabeth trod on me with her heels near the start and later kicked my shin as well as much of the desk I was leaning over which possibly hurt her more than it did me. She did also sort-of walk on me whilst I was lying down.

I'm keeping this as neutral rather than negative because I did partly enjoy it, in particular Victoria's activity albeit I'd have liked her to kick me harder, aim some at the balls and she had several opportunities, and do the hard trample she'd once threatened.

Elizabeth is pretty, and I think she was trying to please me, but didn't quite get what I wanted or what I'd come for. I think with better communication she would deliver, so I'm not even ruling out going back.

1 review(s) found for GovernessElizabeth linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

She used to be at HoD London a regular basis for few years. Was an attractive and enthusiastic provider of more vanilla services in those days as I recall.

Offline StevenS

And used to be at London Retreat too. She was excellent when I saw here there, though I didn't ask for the service above. Tie and tease was phenomenal

Offline bossdrum

She used to be at HoD London a regular basis for few years. Was an attractive and enthusiastic provider of more vanilla services in those days as I recall.

Yes, I meet her there as well - I think Sarah was her name at HoD - and had a very good time as well. She had a lovely pair of breasts as well from what I remember.

That's a new one, getting marked down for not kicking you in the balls. Takes all sorts!  :D

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