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Author Topic: Stacey Nice Summer  (Read 1358 times)

Offline cpo1970

Any body know anything about Stacey?

Online raylondoner

Nothing here I regret to say. Stacy is known for her frequent breaks to go home, but always returned fresh and ready to play.

This break is much longer than usual though. I had Stacy in my Hot List, so I'm hoping the profile will reappear again one day - that's one good reason to keep popular girls in your HL.     :hi:

Offline Bigjack

She told me she was retiring. Meet someone from here

If Stacey has actually retired then that's a real shame as I was hoping to see her again.

Did any of you gents manage to save her Adultwork gallery photos before the profile disappeared?

It would be great to get a hold of said snaps to file away in my "fond memories" scrapbook :wacko:


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