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Author Topic: Samantha of Bunnies Massage - Elephant & Castle  (Read 1984 times)

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I had a meeting in London Bridge so I thought I would try out Bunnies Massage which is in Elephant & Castle, a couple of stops away on the tube, based on a previous recommendation on UKP. 


I opted for the Erotic B2B massage for one hour at a cost of £80 which seemed good vfm.


Comms were prompt and efficient, but all by text. For some reason the manager or girls do not actually want to speak to clients. They send out a standard email along the lines “sorry I am driving at the moment and can’t take your call. How can I help?” I did eventually arrange to speak to someone but then the girl claimed the line was too bad and she could not hear what I was saying and said send a text. It made me a bit suspicious but I decided to press ahead as it was only £80 and I wanted to see if this establishment was any good.


The location is a fairly discreet ground floor flat with its entrance on the road, rather than a communal entrance. It is a quiet residential road very close to the tube station. There was quite a student feel to the area and better than I was expecting.

The Girl

The girl I met was Samantha. She said she was Polish and looked late 20’s. She is reasonably attractive, although certainly nothing special. Her command of English was good enough, but she did not talk much. My attempts at conversation were met with one or two word answers. After a bit I gave up the attempted small talk and the massage was conducted in silence. She did not smile at all (except when I was leaving) and it was clear she did not enjoy what she was doing. The general vibes were not good and it all felt a bit awkward.

The massage

When I arrived there was no warm welcome. She took me through to the back room where there was a massage table and just said “what massage do you want?”  She took the money for the B2B massage and then just said “take your clothes off” while she left for a while to stash away the cash and use up a bit of my time.

The massage itself was disappointing and I can’t imagine that Sam had any professional training in massage. Limited pressure was applied and at times it felt like she was just stroking my body. The main focus of her attention was my legs which is the typical time wasting tactic of certain masseuse looking to get away with the minimum service.

After about 20 mins on the legs she moved up my body and gave my back a bit of attention. Throughout this time she meticulously avoided any contact with my cock or bum so there was no sense of trying to arouse or tease me along the way to build up the experience. She eventually climbed up on the massage table and at best I had about 5 mins of B2B massage with me still lying on my front (no B2B on my back unfortunately).

She then asked me to turn over and used her breasts to massage my cock. That was pleasant and I came quickly and that was the end of that. Job done as far as she was concerned. Climbed off the table and just tidied me up with a wet wipe and asked if I wanted a shower which I took.

The shower incidentally worked perfectly well and a clean towel and gels were provided even if the bathroom itself was a bit grubby.

When I left Sam did try and smile. Her face almost cracked under the strain but at least she tried and was clearly at her happiest knowing that I was on my way.

I checked my watch and was out of the place in less than 50 mins including the shower so was short changed on time as well as services, which were limited. I did not get any opportunity to “lick, touch & enjoy her boobs” as suggested on the web site. Her boobs looked nice but she kept them far enough away so I could not touch them. Nor did she “sit on top of you, dance her firm bum on your chest”. As for it being a beautiful view I spent nearly the whole massage face down so pretty much no view at all!

At £80 it was not an expensive massage and probably a case of you get what you pay for. I would hope that the other masseuses in this establishment are a bit better than Sam but too much of a risk from my perspective to bother trying Bunnies Massage again. I’ll be looking elsewhere when looking for a B2B massage even if the cost is a bit higher.
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Good review I'm on the look out for a good massage for a bad back from over working myself at the gym not really interested in a sports one want to try erotic but I need a firm massage from a sexy lady.

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